Monday; POST-break

WELCOME BACK! I am so glad to be back with you guys.

Thursday/Friday Recap:
I can view and understand a documentary.
I can draw conclusions about the documentary.
I can understand why and how conflicts begin and flourish in our communities and world.
I can prepare and present a response to what I saw that makes other think.
Please take the time now to upload the answers to your questions to GOOGLE CLASSROOM.

While you watch the following video please take a look at the questions below.
When was the first selfie taken?
Who took the first selfie?
Why are selfies important?
How are selfies changing the world and the way we view one another?

English 20: The Hunger Games
I can read and comprehend.
I can read and decipher meaning.
We have reviewed ALL questions from Chapter 1-15 they are below if you need to review.
Let’s do some discussing on Chapters 16-27 before your test tomorrow.

Chapter 17-19
1) What is the symbolism of having Rue getting caught in a net?
2) “But if this is Prim’s, I mean, Rue’s last request, I have to at least try,” (Collins 224) Why would Collins deliberately write this sentence in this way?
3) Why would the capitol change the rules? List 4
4) Do you think at this point in the novel that Katniss is wanting to save Peeta for herself or for him? Why?
5) If it was you would you be able to forgive Katniss for giving you the sleep syrup? Why or why not?
6) People say opposites attract. How are Katniss and Peeta opposites?
7) Was Katniss really going to commit suicide? Explain.
8) Make a list of the symbols in the novel and state what symbolism they bring.

Hunger Games Introduction
Hunger Games Jeopardy

Photography 20: The Science of a Selfie

Learning Targets:
I will understand the science that goes into a selfie.
I will understand how and why selfie’s are important.
I will understand how to please people for the best selfies.

Let’s continue where we left off last day with the SLIDESHOW.
Remember your ultimate task will be to FIND and take YOUR BEST SELFIE and self directed portrait.

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