Thursday and Friday!

Hey team,
Sorry I couldn’t be with you today and tomorrow!

Here is what I would like you to cover with your new teacher for the next two days.
Thursday: Mr. Brodner
Friday: Mrs. Foster
Please support them in getting the SMART board up and running as well.

You will discuss the following questions with your teacher:
Why is it important to be in touch with the world?
How can we show responsibility for the world around us?

Learning Targets:
Review the learning targets together.
I can view and understand a documentary.
I can draw conclusions about the documentary.
I can understand why and how conflicts begin and flourish in our communities and world.
I can prepare and present a response to what I saw that makes other think.

You will discuss:
What is a documentary?
Write down the definition in your Media Studies notes somewhere.
What information can be presented in a documentary.
Remember that Blackfish was a documentary.

You will be watching SHARKWATER together as a class.
This is actually for English but fits extremely well in Communication Media as well.

The back of the DVD says:
As a result of irrational and unchecked human hunting, the world’s shark population has decreased an astonishing 90%. In this true-life adventure, biologist and filmmaker Rob Stewart brings us closer to sharks than ever before. Surviving pirate boat rammings, gunboat chases, mafia espionage and battles with corrupt governments, Stewart risks his life to stop the slaughter of sharks and save our oceans and the very earth itself.

Discuss together as a class:
What is a pirate? Are they real?
What does the word ‘mafia’ refer to?
What does the word ‘espionage’ mean?
How can a government be corrupt?

This video is 1 hour and 29 minutes long so it will take both classes to discuss, watch and respond.

Let’s read the SYNOPSIS together.
In the process of learning about sharks, Toronto filmmaker Rob Stewart, becomes concerned about their possible extinction and is thrown into several life and death adventures. Sharkwater explores the world of sharks and provides a different view of these creatures than is usually portrayed in the media.

Stewart teams up with conservationist Paul Watson for a four-month expedition to Costa Rica and Ecuador to prevent illegal shark fishing. Stewart’s documentary on declining shark populations soon transforms into a matter of life and death—his—as he becomes involved in a sea battle with shark poachers in Guatemala, boat rammings, gunboat chases, mafia, espionage, corrupt court systems, and charges of attempted murder. Forced to flee for this life from Costa Rica, Stewart later returns to fight for his cause. As a backdrop to these perilous adventures, Sharkwater explores shark life in stunningly beautiful underwater settings off Guatemala, Costa Rica and the Galapagos Islands. “When I set out to make Sharkwater,” Stewart later stated, “I wanted people to see what I saw, an incredible undersea world that is so foreign to most of the planet. I had no idea that it would become a human drama that would take over four years, span 15 countries and nearly end my life… I wanted to make a film that shows sharks the way they really are, as beautiful and magnificent creatures that don’t want to hurt humans, and to show how our fear has blinded us to the fact that their populations have been reduced by 90 per cent over the last 50 years.”

Ultimately, Stewart’s remarkable journey of courage and determination is about our environment and what we are doing to it. Sharkwater calls on us to protect and conserve.

You will now be given some paper questions… answer them on a Google Doc.
This Google Doc will be shared with Miss Mann and handed in to Google Classroom during and after watching the video.

You will be given time to answer some of the questions ahead of time.
You will answer your questions on your own and then you will discuss briefly as a class.

You will then watch the show and answer the rest of the questions.
(Yes these questions are for marks and MUST be written in proper sentences.)

If for some reason the DVD does not work for the teacher; no excuses as the video is also available below off YOUTUBE.

*No excuses (please work for your sub)
If you ever have any extra time or the video is finished more quickly than I anticipated you can:
-Finish your Cracked Ice
-Finish your Hunger Games Final Project
-Study for your Hunger Games Test on the Tuesday after the break
-Design your portrait
-Work on the parody ad questions

I can’t wait to get back at it with you in 11 days! #doinwork

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