Day #28; FRY-DAY!

SAY WHAT!? It’s Friday!? ITS FRIDAY!

Bell Work:
The Fate or Orcas: ARTICLE

Next: L to J AMPED UP
Point of View

Then you will have time to finish your Letter of Complaint.
*See yesterday’s post…
Hand them in to Google Classroom. I will print and you can address envelopes and we will SEND!

I hope you read Chapter 1, 2, 3, 4.
Chapter 1 and 2 questions are DUE to Google Classroom.
Many of you have not done them yet.
Read through Chapter 3/4 questions.

Chapter 3

  1. Why do you think Peeta’s dad came to see Katniss? (1)
  2. What advice did Gale give Katniss? (1)
  3. What do you think Gales wanted to tell Katniss right before he left? Why do you think this? (2)
  4. Why was the Mockingjay a slap in the face to the Capitol? (2)
  5. Are the odds in their favour? Why or why not? (give three reasons) (4)

Chapter 4

  1. Why is a kind Peeta Mellark far more dangerous than an unkind one? (1)
  2. What is the significance of the dandelion? (2)
  3. What gives Katniss a glimmer of hope? (1)

    Photography Assignment:
    Please take some time and design your next Photography assignment.
    Apply what you know and create a graphic representation according to what is below:
    *Maybe avoid; seductive, waitress and – well you get the picture.
    Also be careful when looking up Google images; you may get some sensitive material.
    Be responsible, be safe and click away if need be.

    Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 9.59.19 PM


The Target is You!: Alcohol Advertising Quiz

This interactive quiz, is designed to increase students’ knowledge and understanding of alcohol marketing aimed at youth.
Young people are exposed to alcohol marketing messages on a daily basis in everything from TV commercials to branded clothing, ads in magazines, Web sites and sponsorship at sporting and music events. The quiz helps students understand how these marketing messages can influence their attitudes towards drinking. The quiz is a companion activity to the Target is You! lesson series: Kids, Alcohol and Advertising. It can be used as a stand-alone activity or in conjunction with the lessons: before to introduce the topic, or after to re-enforce learning.


NOW if you are done everything;
Let’s do some thinking?
I want a LONG LIST of ways that the media negatively affects society, beliefs and beyond.
The longer and more specific the list; the better.

The fad/trend of shark fin soup is leading to thousands killed per day. See the graphic.
Orcas are dying faster in captivity than they do in the wild due to being entertainment for millions.

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