Day #27

Learning Targets:
I can write a letter of complaint.
I can write to inform.
I can write to persuade.

Business Letter/Letter of Complaint Writing Day
*We will continue with debate another day or if we have time at the end of class.
If you are away from school: please watch Sharkwater or Blackfish on Netflix.

What is Point of View? We will watch yesterday’s YouTube video.


Write a business letter (e.g., letter of complaint, e-mail request) that:

  • uses a consistent style (semi-block or full block) (2)
  • presents information completely and in the correct order, state clearly and immediately
    -you should inform about the topic (2)
    -explain your stance on the topic (2)
    -argue the major points (three at least) of your stance on the topic; be complete and accurate (8)
  • includes all the parts of a business letter – heading, inside address, salutation, body, complimentary closing, and signature (8)
  • states clearly what the writer wants the reader to do; what do you WANT to come of this letter (4)
  • avoids expressions that are wordy, clichéd, vague, or discriminatory (2)
  • determines what the recipient needs to know; What do you want the person who reads the letter to know (2)
  • begins, continues, and ends with courteous tone (2)


Further Supports:

  1. The Heading: contains your address and the date of writing.
  2. The Inside Address: includes the name of the addressee, that person’s title or office, the name of the company or institution, and the full address. You can address the letter to whomever you choose (president, government office, civil rights group, court system, airline company)
  3. The Salutation/Greeting: the formal greeting appears two lines lower than the inside address.
  • The Body:
  • In the first paragraph you should identify what the issue is and any relevant information that you believe is important.
  • The next paragraph should state what you would like done to resolve the situation and what you think a more appropriate response would have been in the first place.
  • The last paragraph should thank the reader for their time.
  • Complimentary Close: the complimentary close is inserted three lines below the last line of the body. The most common formulas are: Sincerely, Sincerely yours, Yours truly, Yours sincerely.
  • Your Signature: always use blue or black ink. Match your signature and your typed name.
  • Your Typed Name: in all formal letters, there are usually four lines between the complimentary close and the typed name as you intend to sign it.

Exemplar of format:

65 Market Street
Val Haven, CT 95135

June 30, 2004

Customer Service
Cool Sports, LLC
8423 Green Terrace Road
Asterville, WA 65435

Dear Sir or Madam:

I have recently ordered a new pair of soccer cleats (item #6542951) from your website on June 21. I received the order on June 26. Unfortunately, when I opened it, I saw that the cleats were used. The cleats had dirt all over them and there was a small tear in front of the part where the left toe would go. My order number is AF26168156.

To resolve the problem, I would like you to credit my account for the amount charged for my cleats; I have already went out and bought a new pair of cleats at my local sporting goods store so sending another would result in me having two pairs of the same cleats.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. I have been a satisfied customer of your company for many years and this is the first time I have encountered a problem. If you need to contact me, you can reach me at (555) 555-5555.


Ken Thomas

Questions to consider if you watched SHARKWATER:
Who filmed and directed the movie?
How much of the earth is made of water?
How old are sharks?
How much of life is in the oceans?
How did the 1964 US Air Force Training Film present sharks?
What is long line fishing?
Why is it harmful?
What event changed Stewart’s life?
How many people are killed by sharks each year?
Who is Paul Watson?
Why is he called a renegade of the conservation movement?
What are his objectives?
Why is nothing done to stop poachers?
Why are sharks fins taken?
How valuable is the shark fin industry?
What did Stewart discover in Costa Rica?
Why did Ecuador change fish quotas and the long-lining regulations in the Galapagos?
What stopped Stewart from continuing with Watson?
By what percent has the shark population decreased?
How has most social change been effected in the past?
8 Why wasn’t Stewart caught when he returned to Costa Rica?
How many sharks died while the movie was being shown?
How many countries have banned shark finning?
What role did the movie JAWS play in people’s fear of sharks?
Is the media irresponsible in the way it portrays sharks?
How have movies depicted sharks?

1. What was the behavior exhibited by the young whales and their pods during the time of capture from the ocean?
2. Describe the environment that Tilikum lived in during his time at Sealand in British Columbia.
3. What evidence did the Sealand trainers have that Tilikum was being picked on by the other orcas?
4. When the trainer was killed at Sealand, who was blamed?
5. Why was SeaWorld Orlando so interested in buying Tilikum when Sealand closed?
6. What were the SeaWorld trainers told about Tilikum’s past behavior when he arrived?
7. During a typical performance at SeaWorld, what activities do the orcas do?
8. The day that Dawn Brancheau died, trainers say that Tilikum was off his game. What behavior did they witness that was caused them to be concerned?
9. How exactly did Dawn Brancheau die?
10. After Dawn’s death, what happened to Tilikum?
AFTER the film:
11. This documentary is mainly told through the viewpoints of 5 former SeaWorld trainers. Why did the filmmakers not include testimony from current SeaWorld employees?
12. SeaWorld declined to comment on the documentary. How do you feel about that?
13. SeaWorld is currently appealing a court ruling that makes trainers stay a certain distance away from whales to ensure their safety. Do you believe that SeaWorld should be fighting that decision? Why or why not?
14. There is a huge movement by PETA and other organizations to have all the whales in captivity released into the wild. Do you believe that is a viable option?
15. SeaWorld no longer captures orcas from the wild. Instead, they collect semen from males and artificially inseminate females to produce offspring. How do you feel about that practice?
16. SeaWorld trainers would tell people watching the orca shows that Tilikum’s dorsal fin was flopped over due to a genetic disorder. Others say that the dorsal fins flop over on animals kept in captivity due to their proximity to the water’s surface and the exposure to the sun. Which of those two arguments do you believe and why?

Make sure you have read Chapter 1, 2, 3, 4 by Thursday and have reviewed all the corresponding questions.

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