Day #26; TUESDAY

Hey guys,
I hope you all had a super night.
I hope you all got your Google Classroom Hunger Games questions done and read Chapter 3.
Your writing screen marks are in and you can see them today.
They are benchmarks for us to use to try and grow/learn from.

Period 1: We will continue with the debate.
Some of you are FOR promoting military advertising in the school.
Some of you are AGAINST promoting advertising in the school.
Let’s begin.


SHORT Period 2:
When we return.
The Hunger Games Learning Targets

  • I can read for pleasure and education.
  • I can write a fictionalized journal entry.
  • I can create a brochure.
  • I can think critically.
  • I can compare and contrast between film and books.
  • I can write a unit exam.
  • I can put myself into others shoes.
  • I can compare our world to the world of The Hunger Games.
  • I can make a collage.
  • I can analyze words on the paper.
  • I can recognize the power of language and grammar.
  • I can complete a biographical profile.
  • I can be interactive with a bulletin board.
  • I can take part in a debate.
  • I can answer chapter questions.
  • I can put myself into the novel.
  • I can compare my experiences to the experiences of the characters.

Did you read Chapter 3? Please make sure you did.
Tonight you need to read Chapter 4.

Independent Novel Study:
The Hunger Games Biographical Profile
Worlds Comparision
Brochure Assignment
Independent Novel Project

Media: Article click HERE

I Have a Dream Speech: Thank you to Ashley for allowing us the opportunity to hear your speech! Eeeeek.

Photography Assignment:
Please take some time and design your next Photography assignment.
Apply what you know and create a graphic representation according to what is below:
*Maybe avoid; seductive, waitress and – well you get the picture.
Also be careful when looking up Google images; you may get some sensitive material.
Be responsible, be safe and click away if need be.
Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 7.40.23 PM
You will have time to work.

HUNGER GAMES Chapter 3 and 4:
These are not due but we will use for discussion. Those of you away; just make sure you feel confident in these areas.
Chapter 3

  1. Why do you think Peeta’s dad came to see Katniss? (1)
  2. What advice did Gale give Katniss? (1)
  3. What do you think Gales wanted to tell Katniss right before he left? Why do you think this? (2)
  4. Why was the Mockingjay a slap in the face to the Capitol? (2)
  5. Are the odds in their favour? Why or why not? (give three reasons) (4)

Chapter 4

  1. Why is a kind Peeta Mellark far more dangerous than an unkind one? (1)
  2. What is the significance of the dandelion? (2)
  3. What gives Katniss a glimmer of hope? (1)

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