Day #25

English 20
: Period 1/4
KAHOOT on Chapter 1 and 2.
Pre Reading Activity

Visual Thesaurus 

  1. How do you feel about the world in Suzanne Collin’s book The Hunger Games as you see it right now?
    What feelings does it bring about for you? (Don’t compare to our world-we will do this later) (4)
  2. Why do you think that Collins has the reader see Haymitch for the first time drunk?
    What does this say about him? (2)
  3. What does having Prim being chosen show us about Katniss’ character? (1)
  4. What does the people of District 12 being silent symbolize? (1)
  5. Summarize the events of Katniss’ story of Peeta (4)

Read Chapter 3 and 4.

Media Studies 20: Period 2/5
Search your name?
Search your friends names?
What do you find? What can you ‘pull up’?

Go to this LINK and answer the test.
Go through your answers.
Note any errors you made. This will show up on a test again.

Then we will refer to the Media Booklets to review some information/activities within.

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