Day #23

Thanks so much to the sub who is covering for me! Please behave for him and her and show them how awesome you guys all are.

Period 1 AND Period 3: ENGLISH 20
(For sub: I have left lots of work here. Get through what you can.)
Justice and Fairness
Learning Target:
I can you my own ideas and values to understand the ideas and values in a text.I can read about an event or issue to see different points of view.
I can understand what I read in a text and identify messages.

Come up with a definition for the word racism as a class.
Answer the following questions together as a class.
Where is racism present?
Where is racism the worst?

Read together as a class!
‘I’m not a racist but…’ (paper copy will be provided)
by Neil Bissoondath
Discuss the story together as a class.

Read on your own.
I Ain’t Sitting Beside HER‘ (paper copy will be provided)
by Shyrose Jaffer
(Give students time to read this on their own.)
Then discuss as a class.

Learning target:
I can define and give an example of the terms acceptance and tolerance.

Discuss the following questions:
What is the difference between acceptance and tolerance?
Find the definitions and discuss.
Write down the definitions somewhere as this will appear on a test in the future.

Who shows acceptance and who shows tolerance in this short story(ies)?
How do people show acceptance and tolerance?

THEN; On your own or as a class whatever your teacher decides:

Read: So What Are You Anyway?
Questions to consider and discuss:
What is the first clue to Mr. Norton about Carole’s background? What does he pick up on?
Why do you think Mr. Norton is so interested in Carole’s background?
When you introduce yourself to someone what information are you giving the other person? Why would you give the other person this information? What will it help them to understand about you? 
For further thought, How is this information useful? At the same time, How can understanding this information be harmful?

Period 2 and Period 5: MIXTURE
Deadlines are approaching:

Your ‘I Have a Dream’ speeches are due MONDAY! WOOT WOOT!
Your Of Mice and Men projects are due TUESDAY.
Are your City pictures all turned in and labelled?
Are your pictures from the field trip also turned into Google Classroom?
Please take this period to GET SOME WORK DONE!
If you need to do some filming- HAVE AT IT. Please do not bug PAA teachers.
Get cracking team and remember I have the bar set high for you because you are all awesome and super capable.

If you say you are done everything you can go downstairs, return your Of Mice and Men book, get Hunger Games and then read So What Are You Anyway?
Do NOT start reading Hunger Games though please.

This is time to WORK. PLease remember that your teacher for the name can assign you a seating plan and leave me notes if you don’t respect this time. Have a wonderful weekend and BE SAFE and GRATEFUL.


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