Day 2 2015-2016 School Year

Bell Work:
Discuss with someone next to you about the worlds most expensive photograph EVER SOLD.
Can you believe this?
Why is this a good thing?
Why is this a bad thing?

Do you like it?
Do you dislike it?

GOOD JOB bringing paperwork back!
Those of you who brought back paperwork please put them on the table at the front. I will check it over, you can show me your case and you can take your new babies home with you! Congratulations again on being selected for this program.

Have you signed up for Remind? If not; scroll down to yesterdays post and get yourself all ready.
Are you signed up on Google Classroom, if not see #2 from yesterdays post by scrolling down.

Introduction to Photography
2. Brain Pop;
a. It’s time to get to know some stuff.
b. Another Kahoot (Prove you already learned something)
3. Presentation; Alright I will teach you.

HOMEWORK: Check out Uncovered Humanity and Humans of New York on Facebook.
You will be taking an image and interviewing someone throughout the semester for Uncovered Humanity.
You will be graded on how well your portrait coveys meaning and message and how well and simply you were able to capture the humanity and similarity in them to other people.


D) Coke Taste Test RESULTS ARE IN.
A) No Name Pepsi
B) Pepsi
C) Coke
D) No Name Coke

We are better than the media.
We are individuals capable of our own thoughts.
We are smart enough to see there are MANY sides to every story.
Not all advertisements are true and many are VERY misleading.

#1. What is your name?
#2. What do you think is the name brand Coke?
#3. Which do you think is the name brand Pepsi?
#4. Do you buy name brand Coke and are you a support?
#5. How often do you drink pop?
#6. When buying a pop do you reach for name brand?
#7. When buying do you typically buy Pepsi?
#8. Tastiest?
#9. Least Tastiest?
#10. Cheapest?
#11. Most Expensive?
#12. Which do you think is the name brand Pepsi?

Only one student: Jenna accurately selected which was COKE.
Which one was the tastiest? You guys were all over the place.
Only three of you selected which one was the name brand PEPSI.
Today, products of The CocaCola Company are consumed at the rate of more than 1.8 billion drinks per day. (Wiki)

There were two students: Kaitlyn, Olivia that selected the actual Coke.
Only two of you selected which is the name brand Pepsi.
Today, products of The CocaCola Company are consumed at the rate of more than 1.8 billion drinks per day. (Wiki)


Earlier this year (2014), Coca-Cola CEO Muhtar Kent pledged to increase media spending and brand-building initiatives by up to $1 billion by 2016.
What does 1 Billion Buy You?

E) Learning targets: POETRY
Who is the speaker?
What is the subject?
What is the mood?
What is the tone?
What is imagery?
What is the form of the poem?
What is the theme?
What is figurative language?

Quick recap of:
Papa’s Waltz
Let’s get into:
Warren Pryor today:

Please read: The Ballad of Birmingham
News article from The Washington Post 


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