Rest of the Year… #iamsad

Class will start at 1:30.
You are welcome to enjoy the County Fair until 1:30.
Please do not be late.
1:30-3:00; time to write your Social Studies 20 Final Exams
Aperture and Shutter Speed Photography Terminology Quizzes

Class will start at 12:20 but at 1:45 we will go to the gymnasium for awards.
12:20: STUDY for KEY PEOPLE! (Your test is Monday.)

Prep for Ad Campaign
Do you have an objective? (MUST)
Commercial? (MUST)
Graphic Edits? (MUST)
Do you have a pitch to Kirzinger about why he should pick to invest in your project?
Do you have extras that will maybe raise you above?
Have you practiced your presentation?
Study for Social Studies 20 exam…

Do you have your Media Final Passion Project complete?
We have already seen Brittany’s and Jami/Shelby/Brooklyn/Sam and Kendalls.
These will be shown Monday and Tuesday as well.

Do you have your printed images in the City of Lloyd folder so I can print them Monday morning?

Here are Nicole’s pictures!
They are also in the City of Lloyd folder.


12:20: Time to organize your Ad Campaigns and ensure you have all the necessary materials.
1:00: Police Officer Kahoot; Constable Kirzinger will be in
1:30-3:20: Presenting Ad Campaigns/Media Final Project Presentation Videos cont.
Key People Test may occur if there is time, if not- it will happen tomorrow at the start of class.

Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 1.38.58 PM

Key People Test will occur first.

Poetry Analysis: Bre, Ash, Madison, Reese, Summer, Makayla
Shaving: Noah
Fix Me: Noah, Madison, Summer, Makayla
Resumes: Noah, Summer
Independent Novel Study: Noah, Madison, Reese, Sam H, Summer
Radio Ad: Kyle (no it isn’t handed in), Shelby, Sam H, Summer
Advertising Campaign: Kyle, Ash, Madison, Summer, Makayla
Passion Project: Noah, Bre, Kyle, Ash, Reese, Britt, Summer, Makayla
Children Video/Directing: Reese (HRHS dress code?)
Petting Zoo: Brittany, Ash, Kyle
I Have a Dream Speech: Britt, Madison, Shelby, Summer, Makayla
Dispersion: Ash, Kyle, Makayla, Noah
Levitation: Noah, Madison
Photo Restoration: Bre, Noah
Scavenger Hunt: Noah
Uncovered Humanity: Noah

Media Final Project Presentation Videos.
Computer clean out:
FINAL EXAMS will occur in Period 5 and 6 time slot.
English will occur in Period 5 slot.
Social will occur in Period 6 slot.

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