Our second last MONDAY together… #excusemewhileicry

Your photography portfolio is due and it is presentation day! We will go over next period to St. Thomas and you will present your work over there.
You need to have all your photos arranged in whatever you want;
Prezi, Powerpoint, Google Slides, WordPress page, Tumblr, Instagram
You need a title for each.
You need to note which theme it fits into.
You also need to have a caption or have a brief explanation of each.
*Does each photo show your AMAZING talents in using a DSLR and Photoshopping skills?
When your name is called you must all present between 8 images.
If you do more than 8; your first 8 will be marked.
Each image will be marked separately.
Here is the rubric I will be using to grade you.
Photography Final Portfolio Rubric
SHARE YOUR PRESENTATION METHOD WITH MISS MANN. All presentations will occur off one computer.
You will also grade and critique each other.
For every individual and every photo you will MARK them respectfully, thoughtfully and completely.
You will get a grade on how well you graded each other and this will be added to your final exam.
*You will get all your feedback and comments from everyone.
If that form doesn’t work. Try this one.

Period 5/6: We will walk over to St. Thomas and complete your photography portfolio presentations!

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