FRIDAY! This is our second last Friday together… :(

Social Studies 20: We will begin with: -a Kahoot with 28 questions on the Cold War! 🙂 Then; We will have a SPACE RACE on Key People! This is a new game based learning tool. Let’s see what we think about it. This took me 3 hours to make so you better like it, it better help you to study and NO COMPLAINING ABOUT IT. 🙂 You will be racing unicorns!
Photography 20: Challenge…
Find someone in the school. Grab a portrait of them. Interview them… find a quote that shows their HUMANITY. GET CREATIVE. GET ORIGINAL. GET DEEP! Share photo on Google Classroom. This will then be shared, one at time on the page. MUST BE DONE TODAY!

Social Studies 20: Activity:
Reese: Wildrose
Breanna: Communist
Shelby: NDP
Jami: Socialist
NDP: Kyle
Liberal: Shelby
Conservative: Melissa
Democrat: Ashleigh
Monarchism: Makayla
Republican: Jamie
Facism: Noah
Anarchism: Kyle
Nationalist: Britt
Green Party: Summer
Nazism: Madison
Utopianism: Brooklyn
Libertarian: Sam M
Bloc Québécois: Sam H
Who are you?
What do you typically stand for?
What are you FOR?
What are you AGAINST?
Where would you be on a political spectrum? -go stand there. The rest of the day will be a work period.

If you have handed something in and this is 
YOU MUST send Miss Mann an email that it has been turned in and where to find it.

Poetry Analysis:
Bre, Ash, Madison, Reese, Summer, Makayla

Kahoot Week 1:
Brittany, Jamie H, Brooklyn, Melissa, Sam M

Kahoot Week 2:

Noah, Kyle, Sam H, Makayla

Fix Me:
Noah, Kyle, Madison, Summer, Makayla

Noah, Ash, Madison, Sam H, Summer,

Half Husky:

Independent Novel Study:
Noah, Kyle, Ash, Madison, Reese, Shelby, Sam H, Summer, Makayla

Radio Ad:
Ash, Kyle, Noah, Summer, Sam H, Shelby

News Cast: Melissa, Jamie H, Brittany, Makayla, Summer, Madison


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