English 20:
Let’s review the Bordertown questions quickly.
We will also finish the video.

Bordertown Café                  Act II Questions

  • How has Maxine’s attitude changed toward the USA from Act I? Why do you think this is?
  • Why does Jimmy not want to rush into marriage?
  • Why does Jimmy say “Grandad and me are the only ones know it’s the present.”?
  • Why did Jimmy score the Hat Trick that night? Why not another night?
  • Why does Jimmy buy his Marlene the diamond earring?
  • Why does Jimmy decide he wants to go live with his dad?
  • How does Jimmy hurt Max’s feelings?
  • Why did Max leave Jim right after they got married?
  • Why do you think Jimmy buys Marlene a new bathroom?
  • What does Jim think of Don?
  • What is Jim’s advice to Jimmy?
  • Why did Jim go down to Minnesota? Why hasn’t he told Max yet?
  • How did Jimmy finally stand up to his dad?
  • What made him come to the decision to stand up to him?
  • Explain the theme of home in this play.
  • Explain the theme of waiting in this play.
  • Explain the theme of American vs Canadian in this play.
  • How does this play fit in to the Starting Out and Moving Forward units.

Social Studies 20:
For richer, For poorer…
€  I can explain well-being and how it applies to others, and myself. 4.0
€ I can explain how the following examples of beliefs and values
-family   -community   -church   -school   -athletics   -arts   -business   -mass media
-advertising   -military   -government
€ I can explain the elements of poverty. 4.1
€ I can explain in detail, The Global Poverty Trap. 4.2
€ I can define and explain welfare. 4.3
-economic welfare   -physical well-being   -social and emotional well being
€ I can list pros and cons of welfare. 4.4
€ I can explain, who are the poor? 4.5
€ I can explain upper, middle, working and lower class. 4.6
€ I can explain where poverty exists in the world, nation and locally. 4.7
€ I can explain 5 truths surrounding general characteristics of the poor. 4.8

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Media Studies 20:
Then you will have a work period! 🙂

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