Period 4: English 20
I will let you see your English essays. They have all been marked.
We will talk about them briefly.
I will collect your English essays and get them over to division office.

Then we will read:
Bordertown Cafe
I can read a play and understand it.
I can read a play and identify themes.
I can read a play and identify important events.

Bordertown Café Act I Questions
How does Jimmy react to the call from his dad?
What is his mother’s reaction to Don’s message?
What happened the last time Don was supposed to pick Jimmy up?
How does Jimmy feel about his dad?
How does Jimmy treat his mother and grandparents?
What do the grandparents think of Don? Why?
What is amusing about the conversation between Marlene and Maxine?
How do they all feel about jimmy going to live with Don?
What kind of a person is Jimmy? How do you know?
Why is Marlene upset at the thought of Jimmy leaving?
What does Maxine think of Canada and Canadians? How do you know?
Why is Jimmy reluctant to tell his mother about Linda?
How does Jimmy feel about Linda?
Why did Jimmy have an accident with his truck?
Why did he tell everyone he was drinking and driving?
Why is Jim opposed to Jimmy moving to the States with his dad?
What kind of a relationship has Jimmy had with Don? How do you know?
How does Jimmy feel about moving in with his dad?

Period 5: Media Studies 20
Let’s talk about News Story’s.
It’s tutorial time for a few of you. These need to be done this week.
Submit them as is… just get them done.
We will watch the Ghost Gooliness: Britt, Bre, Ashleigh
Then we will watch the Petting Zoo videos!
Then you will have work period on ad campaigns and/or final projects.

Period 6: Social Studies 20
Make sure you can argue (with fact) whether you agree with, or disagree with;
Is the world ‘over populated’?

We will then discuss; the poor and the rich.
What does it mean to be poor?
What does it mean to be rich?

Learning Targets:
€  I can explain well-being and how it applies to others, and myself. 4.0
€ I can explain how the following examples of beliefs and values
-family -community -church -school -athletics -arts -business -mass media
-advertising -military -government
€ I can explain the elements of poverty. 4.1
€ I can explain in detail, The Global Poverty Trap. 4.2
€ I can define and explain welfare. 4.3
-economic welfare -physical well-being -social and emotional well being
€ I can list pros and cons of welfare. 4.4
€ I can explain, who are the poor? 4.5
€ I can explain upper, middle, working and lower class. 4.6
€ I can explain where poverty exists in the world, nation and locally. 4.7
€ I can explain 5 truths surrounding general characteristics of the poor. 4.8

This will be direct instruction.


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