Wednesday; 15 class days left…

Good morning my lovelies,
Thank you so much again for another awesome trip out and about!
Not only was it a fun day but I cannot wait to see your footage.
You will certainly have time today to work on your final exam projects.

WIFI information:
Due to some changes made with the firewall/content filter you might have noticed that over the last couple of days that you have needed to authenticate to get onto the internet. There are couple of ways to make sure that you are able to get onto the internet.  The first way to fix this would be just to log off and then log back on again. If that does not help then when opening an internet browser you should get a username and password box pop up.  In that pop up box just type in your windows username and password and you should be good to go. Remember that when you enter your username it should be school\username. If that doesn’t work try just your username and password. Stress now!

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 8.58.25 AM Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 8.58.34 AM

Enjoy some floats from the Lloydminster Catholic School Division.
I was sooooo impressed with the efforts you all put into directing these videos.
LIKE REALLY IMPRESSED! It was great to learn on the job with you and I also thought you showed a lot of growth and maturity in terms of essential skills. Well done. Enjoy!
Reese, Sam H; you will need to direct something for marks…

Period 4 and beginning of 5:
English 20: 

Next, it’s time to plan your English 20 Persuasive Final Essay.
YES! Final essay.
You all must plan something! Considering the effort we have put into everything and the fact if you all improve I will buy you lunch… let’s get crackin.
Computers away and get to planning!

Next, everyone that was at the field trip; highest points of Lloydminster.
Get your marks into the Google Drive folder ASAP.
Also, in that folder are photos from our field trip. Feel free to download them.
ALSO, in that folder is the place for you to put what you want printed.
LASTLY, in that folder is a place to put funny photos of each other and videos that I can include in our year end video.
*Thank you for helping me conquer my fear of snakes.

Dates of importance to screen capture or jot down:
Am I missing any important dates?
May 27- floats (.25 hour)
May 27- final essay planning (.5 hour)
May 28- final essay writing (1.5 hours)
May 29- mystery skype (no not with someone local)
June 3- early dismissal
June 5- (9am)- all photos are due for printing to the Google folder
June 8- present your Photography Portfolios
June 9- Media Studies final Kahoot
June 10- final field trip (cop shop), some photography
June 11- Media Studies final projects and computer clean up
June 12- Media Studies final projects and computer clean up
June 15- Social Studies final ‘long answer’/essay portion of final exam and Media Studies final projects
June 16- pot luck, computer hand in, video presentation

End of Period 5:
Work period on your Media Final projects. Remember they are due at the end of class tomorrow! 🙂

Period 6:
(Social) Population lesson wrap up.
Yes you will need to write notes on this.
And of class:
Final Projects work period

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