Wednesday! What? It is Wednesday already?

Social Studies 20:
We will start with a lesson on quick intro lesson on population.
€ I can define population. 2.1a
€ I can analyze graphs as they relate to population growth over the centuries. 2.1b
€ I can explain why population is affected by technology and industrial systems. 2.1c
€ I can draw inferences from population data. 2.1d
€ I can define birth rate and make inferences based on statistics. 2.2
€ I can define death rate and make inferences based on statistics. 2.3
€ I can explain the current population rates/percentages around the world. 2.4
€ I can articulate why a greater population increase is NOT the cause of many of the world problems. 2.5
€ I can explain the human population in a chart format. 2.6

Then I will give you time to work on your in class unit exam.

English 20:
Is your resume done?
Let’s talk about some exemplars together?
My Resume (Yes, I have one too.)
Writing -Resume Rubric (Let’s take a look at the resume.)

Is your independent novel done?
If your Fix Me done?
Are you sure you know all the L to J terms?
L to J Awesomeness

It’s time to type the good copy of your 1st essay.
(You aren’t going to like it… its time to do a fixer upper.)

Media Studies 20/Photography 20:
Do you know how to clipping mask?
Is your frozen picture done?
Is your levitation picture done?
Is your photography portfolio started?

Waste, Waste, Waste
Private Talk with Holly

After we are done this you can go and work on your final projects.

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