Friday before the long weekend!

There are 23 school days left!
Many of you guys have outstanding assignments and all of you have final projects to plan/prepare.

Media/Photography 20:
Are all your photos complete?
Check out Google Classroom.
If you are all done.

*These will be showcased during your media final projects.
Today you have a day to challenge yourself to something NEW!
Open-ended! Challenge yourself.
You will be responsible to come up with 5 unique/creative images for a portfolio to showcase your talent.

15A: Presentation/Sharing of Images:
GOAL: I can provide examples of how photographers present/showcase their work.
I can maintain a personal portfolio reflecting growth in understanding and skills involved in image creation.
I can compile personal images for display.
I can use the large printer and technology in the PAA to select and print my best work to share with other.
I can select a style and venue for a class showcase.

Go to the WordPress.
Go to School of Global Media Studies.
Go to Photography 20 page.
Go to Miss Mann’s exemplar.
Chose 8 different themes.

Each picture needs a title and caption.

English 20:
Resumes? Alright… who has one?
Who doesnt?
See Google Classroom for more. Yes this will be a marked assignment and is in the curriculum.
Please do this in a Google Doc! 🙂
Writing -Resume Rubric
Independent Novel Studies are DUE DUE DUE soon. Let’s get these done and get your old; revised resumes in and done.

Social 20:
Please make sure you are done ‘waste, waste, waste’ and ‘revolution’.
This was an independent study so be sure to be diligent as these will show up on exam next week.
Yes you have an Environment Unit exam next week! 🙂
This will happen on Wednesday.
Terra will be in Thursday or Friday to introduce Poverty and Wealth to us.

Go through; research and be able to answer the following questions:

1. By 2045; What is the projected population of the world?
a. 8 billion
b. 7 billion
c. 9 billion
d. 10 billion

2. Circle which answer is best:
i. Water tables are; stable/unstable
ii. Fresh water tables: are falling/ rising
iii. Salt water tables: are falling/rising
iv. Soil is: eroding/not eroding
v. Glaciers are: freezing/thawing
vi. Fish stocks are: vanishing/growing

3. What is the average number of births in developed countries?
a. 1.1
b. 2.1
c. 3.1
d. 4.1

4. What did India do to try and combat their rising fertility rates?
a. offer and encourage sterilization of men
b. offer and encourage sterilization of woman
c. involuntarily sterilize men
d. involuntarily sterilize women

5. Who has more children?  Developed countries or Un-developed countries?
Explain with facts.

When you are done this; you can have time to work. Enjoy!


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