Period 4 and half of 5: We will begin today with a work period.
Half Husky; two questions (English)
Levitation (Photography)
Cracked Ice Image (Photography)
Ad Campaign (Media)
Final Project (Media)

1. Overview of Product (10%)
-theme must be evident
-why is this product important
-what makes this product special/unique
-this can be a rap/rant/rave/creative piece of writing
(This will be an English mark).

2. Objectives of the Campaign (10%)
-what does the campaign hope to accomplish
-what is your logical timeline of the campaign
(This will be an English mark).
-make money (How much money?)
-help people (How?)

3. Identification of Target Market (10%)
-who is going to see this ad? how? why?
(This will be a Media Studies mark).

4. Visual Aid’s (30%)
3 Images
-they must follow the same theme, but be completely different
-they must have a photographic element
-they must have photoshop element
(This will be a photography mark).

5. Commercial (20%)
-your job is to sell the product
-you can chose one
(This is your largest assignment of the year next to your final project.)
-It is time to get independent and get crushing it.
(30 seconds to 1 minute)
This is different from a PSA. In a PSA you are selling a thought.
Now you will be selling a product. GOOD LUCK. Get creative! 

6. Presentation (20%)
You will present your ideas to a panel of judges in the auditorium at the end of May to judges who will act as Dragon’s Den individuals who will FUND or BUY your idea/campaign pitch.
You will want to do this likely in a Google Drive: Spreadsheet!
(Share it with me.)
You will be asking the judges for something… 

This will be your final presentation aside from your final project.
-yes you will want to dress up
-yes you may want to print off things from the PAA
-yes you will want to PRACTICE
-yes you will be FAKING it until you MAKE IT

Last half of 5:
Reese/Sam H you will present your Social Studies graphic representations.
We will finish We Were Children.

Period 6: We will read Charlie.

Tomorrow we have Kelsey coming in to model for us!
You will be charged with taking a portrait image with her.

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