Wednesday, Thursday, Friday!

English 20:
More essay’s have been marked. Get them all fixed up and re-submitted.
Let’s review: Private Talk with Holly

I will be able to find deeper meaning in a short story.
I will be able to find symbolism within a story.
I will be able to understand the different types of conflict.

Song Facts

Song Facts

Shaving (We will read Shaving together, discuss)…

What are the themes in Shaving?
What are the symbols in the story?
-sha_ _ _ _
-sun_ _ _

What are three positives in this story?
What does the shaving represent?

Writers often imply more than they say directly. Explain what is implied in each of the following lines or passages. (6)
Add your responses to Google Classroom:

1. “You’re too young,” his father said, “to have this happen.”
“Not too young, ” Barry said. “I’m bigger than most men.”
“I think you are, ” his father said. (Norris 122).

2. “Not long ago they had been small bare hands, not very long ago.” (Norris 122)

3. “But now the window was full in the beam of the dying sunlight, and Barry stood there, illuminated in its golden warmth for a whole minute, knowing it would soon be gone.” (Norris 123)

Private Talk with Holly and Shaving;
What do the fish and ‘shaving’ have in common?

Social Studies 20:
Presentations will continue!
If we finish early we will start talking about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

Media Studies 20/Photography 20:
Let’s talk about how the video went today at St. Thomas.
Who is up tomorrow?
Levitation assignment… finish as much as you can.
Where did we leave off with biases in the news/media?
Let’s discuss.
Final projects; let’s do some chatting.

English 20:
Have you read A Private Talk with Holly?
Have you read Shaving?
Have you looked at the questions that help support you in understanding each?
Are you done the basic questions from last class?
Have you uploaded them to Google Classroom.
Independent Novel Study time. (You will have today and tomorrow. Use it dolls!)
English 20 Independent Novel Study

Social Studies 20:

Media Studies 20/Photography 20:
News Story’s:
Who is not done?
Why are you not done?
HELLO! These should have been done 2 weeks ago. Finish these before Ad Campaign and GET ON IT!

I could not find ANY fake snow.
Rats, rats, rats.
So… we are going to begin your Advertising Campaign.
This will feel a little like what we saw at Pixel Blue Media.
You get to design anything you want.
Learning Targets:
Ad Campaign: (10-15 classes)
I can explain how the various facets of advertising; creators, producers, directors, contract writers, marketing, analyst and…
I can develop an advertising campaign geared to a specific audience.
I can critique advertising campaigns and give examples as to why it is successful.
I can critique advertising campaigns and give examples as to how it could be improved.
I can explain the impact of advertising on personal and social values and behaviours.
I can read, interpret, and communicate facts and figures through reports, charts, and graphs.
I can produce a print and non-print advertisement for a product or service.
I can recognize how stereotypical views can lead to prejudicial attitudes and discriminatory practices in media.
I can attempt to understand an author’s purpose and intentions.
*Make sure and note many of the learning targets from: Selling Images and Values
I can recognize the role and power of advertising in the mass media.
I can recognize advertising claims and techniques.
I can define the term marketing strategy.
I can explain what a marketing strategy is.
I can create a marketing strategy.
I can create and design an advertising campaign.
I can ‘position’ a product for a particular audience.
I can identify the persuasion techniques used in advertising campaigns.
I can produce an advertising campaign that follows a theme.
I can produce a persuasive but ‘true’ advertising campaign.
I can use different forms of writing and visual representations to sell a product.
I can produce a print and non-print advertisement for a product/service.
I can explain how ethical issues in advertising must be adhered to.

You will have Wednesday/Thursday and Friday next week to work on this project during Media Studies/Photography.
The more you get excited about this project the more you will enjoy this.
Get into it!
What do you want to create/design? ANYTHING!

1. Overview of Product
-theme must be evident
-why is this product important
-what makes this product special/unique
-this can be a rap/rant/rave/creative piece of writing
(This will be an English mark).
2. Objectives of the Campaign
-what does the campaign hope to accomplish
-what is your logical timeline of the campaign
(This will be an English mark).
3. Identification of Target Market
-who is going to see this ad? how? why?
(This will be a Media Studies mark).
4. Visual Aid’s
3 Images
-they must follow the same theme, but be completely different
-they must have a photographic element
-they must have photoshop element
(This will be a Photography mark).
5. Commercial
-your job is to sell the product
-you can chose one
(This is your largest assignment of the year next to your final project.)
-It is time to get independent and get crushing it.
6. Presentation
You will present your ideas to a panel of judges in the auditorium at the end of May to judges who will act as Dragon’s Den individuals who will FUND or BUY your idea/campaign pitch.

This will be your final presentation aside from your final project.
-yes you will want to dress up
-yes you may want to print off things from the PAA
-yes you will want to PRACTICE
-yes you will be FAKING it until you MAKE IT

Yes you can have a partner.
Yes you can go solo.
Yes you can re-invent a product that already exists.
Yes you can create the unimaginable; Mar’s Mission.

FRIDAY: (Sub day…)
English 20:
Independent reading time or time to work on time to work on your independent novel study.
English 20 Independent Novel Study

Social Studies 20:
Learning targets are listed on the assignment sheet, as well as how you will be graded.
Open the following document:
Answer all the questions and post your responses in Google Classroom. You will have a little more time on Monday to work on this. It will be due Monday night.

Media Studies/Photography 20:
Are all of you done your levitation projects? If not get them in and done please!
It is time to start thinking about your final projects.
You will work through this assignment with your teacher: 1.Advertising101a
If you finish early you will have this period to start storyboarding, working on a proposal and identifying what/when you will need it.
Please use your time wisely. If the sub tells me you wasted time today I will understand that you won’t be needing more class time for this big project.  🙂

Have a super weekend dolls. Please be safe! I only have two days with you next week and I won’t be gone again.
Let’s have some fun when you are back. Start asking everyone you know for fake snow… then we can freeze each other under ice.


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