Wed-Nez-Day, tomorrow #wegone.

Good morning dolls.
I still need forms from some of you for tomorrow morning?
Um…. hello!?

English 20:
Fix Me
We will read Chapter 12 together.
Please work on your ‘Wall Machines’.
Assignment for Fix Me
2014 English 20 Independent Novel Study

Social Studies 20:
Your graphic representations will all be presented Friday.
Today we are going to take a Social Studies break and get into some Turn of the 20th Century business.
We will have a few history breaks within Social to ensure you have covered major events.
We will cover: (each one will take up approximately 2 days).
1) Turn of the 20th
2) World War I
3) Roaring 20’s
4) World War II
5) Cold War

Photography 20:
Review: I have a DSLR;
What do I do?

We will review and critique some of your work.


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