Tuesday; Two more sleeps to FIELD TRIP!

Period 4: Fix Me 
I have emailed Rune!
Make sure you have the symbols/themes all written down.

Rune herself sent us this, this morning!
Eeeeek. How cool is that!

Why the Star Wars references? 
As for Star Wars, well, I grew up with Star Wars, my brothers were big fans and it was running on our VCR (yes, that long ago!) all the time. I remember being very surprised learning that Luke and Leia were not only brother and sister, but twins. My Leia identifies as a twin, despite her difficult issues with her brother, and Star Wars is also a fragile link to her mother, although their relationship as obviously problematic.

Why don’t we know her real name? 
I always thought that “Leia” was desperate to distance herself from her life and her past that she did not want to identify with her own name anymore. So it’s not that I’m trying to keep her name a secret from the reader, rather, Leia does not want to own her name anymore, because it is too much a part of everything bad that happened to her.
Reese’s question: 
You are quite right about the “chippy” dialogue – in retrospect that is perhaps too flippant a tone for the story!  It is probably something I would change if I were to rewrite the book.
Why the elephants? 
Elephants are fantastic animals, highly intelligent and emotional. Elephants have an unusually large hippocampus, which is the emotion center of the brain. It is thought that this is why elephants are susceptible to flashbacks and PTSD-symptoms, somewhat like humans.  They are also big and strong and steady and reliable and take good care of each other. All this made them a natural choice for Leia to bond with.
THEMES: What do you think the themes of the novel are? 
As for themes… well, you got me there. I don’t think much about themes or other literary concepts when writing. In fact, when my editor sends me the back blurb I often go: “Ohhhhh, so THAT is what the book is about!”  🙂   Fix Me is a very fragile story, about a girl who is very broken, who does not believe she can ever put herself together again. If you figure out the themes, I would love to know! 🙂

We will continue to read Chapter 10.
*Brooklyn and Reese your essays are done. I still have 5 OUTSTANDING!
Where are the essays?
Ashleigh, Breanna, Brittany, Kyle, Makayla, Noah, Sam and Summer? 
All essays that have been handed in have been MARKED! BOOOOOO YAAAAAA!
Who still needs to pay me for the Field Trip?
Brooklyn ($40 and Form), Reese ($45 and Form), Sam H ($45 and Form), Summer (Form), Jamie (Form)

Period 5: Tell Them From Me SURVEY. 
*Every student in the school is doing this survey! We have to too.
It is your opportunity to have your voice heard. Be reflective. Take your time.

Click this LINK.
I will give you your username and passwords.
Take your time on this!

Period 6: Media Studies 20/Photography 20
Ted Talk from Monica Lewinsky
How has the media’s reach changed?
When was social media born?
What does it mean to be apart of the social media revolution?
How is social media both public and PRIVATE?
How is snapchat good?
How is snapchat bad?
Are you safe online?
Does it matter if you are safe online? Can you still end up in trouble?
What is public shaming?
What is empathy? What is sympathy? How are they different?
What does ‘freedom of expression’ really mean as a right?
Speaking up with INTENTION and speaking up for ATTENTION.
What is compassion?


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