Marks are in! WAAAAAHOOOOOO!

Period 4:
Fix Me. I will read.
You can work on your Wall Machine’s for the last quarter of class!
Yes your Wall Machines are being marked.
The idea with this is: LEARNING TARGETS:
I can relate to the character.
I can put myself in the shoes of a character.
I can read and interpret.
I can read for comprehension.
I can detract feelings and emotion from text.
I can take formal writing and interpret it in a casual informal manner.

Period 5:
Work period… Social Studies 20/Photography 20
*You will get two marks for one assignment. Your rubric will be broken down.
“Is the earth doomed?” Yes or No?
Create a graphic/painted representation about your opinion.
Then you will need to write a creative response to prepare to present it next week.
This can be a slam poem, video, speech, rant, rave or simple paragraph.
Basically you will present your opinions on your graphic representation.
You will need to explain why you did what you did?
THEN, you will need to back this up with at least 5 FACTS!
These presentations will be marked by myself, AND the class using a Google Form.

Period 6:
3:00 Constable Kirzinger will be in and the GAME WILL BE BEGIN!
Everything is up for grabs today; key people, Fix Me, photography and beyond.
Good luck. The winner will get a Lindt bunny!


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