49 days left…
Who still needs to pay for the field trip?
Marks are due tomorrow. Who has something outstanding?

English 20:
Wherever we leave off today; up for grabs on the Kahoot.
Constable Kirzinger has watched Revolution and may even be reading the book…
He wants to challenge you guys honestly on Friday! 🙂
We will continue reading, we are nearly a third of the way done the book.
Questions for Rune?

Social Studies 20:
We will be watching/reviewing/critiquing/asking questions about:
Green World Rising.
Do you agree or disagree?

Go to
Click on Calgary.
Click the adult version.
 Click the detailed version. 
Quickly build your avatar. 
You may want to put headphones in now or turn up the music.

Take a look at the image below. Full credit to REVOLUTION. What do you notice? What do you like? What do you dislike?
Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 10.45.02 PM

Photography 20/Media Studies 20:
Upload your Teddy Bear pictures.
Hand them in to Google Classroom so I can take a look.
Let’s go through some City of Lloyd photos.
Let’s go through some images…
Today I want to talk posing!
Tidbit: Images are usually judged professionally on technical, impact, composition.
What does that mean?

Is the composition skillful and dynamic?
Is the image balanced or unbalanced? Is the balance level appropriate? If there is a main center of interest, is it well placed in the frame?
Are there distracting elements in the picture that could be eliminated?
Are there too many unrelated elements? Too few elements?
Does the composition make effective use of leading lines?
Is depth used (or not used) to good advantage?
Does the composition make use of repeating forms?
Does the framing work? Mergers?

Basic Technique
Is focus appropriate for the subject? Is depth of field appropriate?
Is it exposed in a way that works for the image?

Special Techniques
Are special techniques like multiple exposures, sandwiching, panning, or cross processing used effectively?
If the image is digitally manipulated, has the manipulation altered composition or only technical issues (exposure, focus, etc), which could be also accomplished by conventional techniques?

Does the image show an original subject or an original approach to a standard subject?
Is it anonymous, or does it show a visual signature or
convey a personal vision?

How well does the photograph capture or illustrate the {topic of contest}?
Does the image effectively tell a story about
{topic of contest} or convey a mood or value?

Media Studies 20:
NEWS STORY: Brittany, Bre, Ashleigh, Madison, Shelby, Jamie, Sam H, Melissa, Lorenz, Summer, Makayla
Photography 20:
PHOTO SCAVENGER HUNT: Noah, Ashleigh, Madison, Brooklyn (If you guys are done this email me.)
ANTI AGING: Noah, Reese, Sam H, Summer,
SKIN RETOUCHING: Noah, Reese, Sam H, Summer, Makayla
CITY OF LLOYD 2: (Make sure it is in folder) Noah, Reese, Brooklyn, Summer, Makayla
English 20:
Essays: Brittany, Noah, Bre, Ashleigh, Sam H, Summer, Makayla
Social Studies 20:
I HAVE A DREAM: Ashleigh, Mad, Shelby, Britt, Sam H, Summer, Makayla
TEST: Sam H?

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