To Do List!

Hey crew,
I am sooooo excited to be joining you to Nicole Noyce studios today.
Here is a list of outstanding assignments:

Social Studies 20:
Current Events Analysis: Ashleigh, Sam H, Britt.
I Have a Dream Speech: Bre, Ashleigh, Kyle, Madison, Shelby, Sam H, Britt L, Sam M, Summer, Makayla
-Google Classroom
Key People Test (2nd time around): Melissa, Summer, Makayla
Human Rights Test: Sam H.
-Where is it?
*Melissa your I Have a Dream speech is posted but private.
Please change this setting and email me that you have done so with the updated link.

Photography 20:
City of Lloyd Round 1: Ashleigh (NOAH YOU GOT THEM IN! YAHOO!)
-Put into folder in your Google Drive incoming/shared with me
City of Lloyd Round 2: Noah, Madison, Reese, Brooklyn, Melissa, Sam M, Summer, Makayla
-Put into folder in your Google Drive incoming/shared with me
Photo Restoration: Noah, Bre, Kyle, Sam H
-Google Classroom
Photo Scavenger Hunt: Noah, Bre, Kyle, Ashleigh, Madison, Brooklyn, Melissa
-These are to be put on your WordPress
Anti Aging: Noah, Reese, Sam H, Summer
-Google Classroom
Skin Retouching: Noah, Kyle, Madison, Reese, Sam H, Summer, Makayla
-Google Classroom

Media Studies 20
News Story: Brittany, Bre, Ashleigh, Madison, Shelby, Jamie H, Sam H, Melissa, Brittney, Summer, Makayla
-Google Classroom
WordPress/Twitter: Breanna
Media Profile: Noah
-put it on your WordPress

English 20:
Poetry Analysis: Bre, Ashleigh, Madison, Reese, Sam H, Britt L, Summer, Makayla
-Email it to me
Explanatory Essays: Brittany, Noah, Bre, Kyle, Ashleigh, Sam H, Summer, Makayla
Reese: Make sure and put it on Google Classroom!

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