Monday, Post-Easter

Hey all; I hope you are all full, rested and ready to crush it with me until June! #wegotthis
Are your Media Studies videos complete; WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHY, WHEN?
Are your Photography images for the City of Lloyd uploaded?
We are off to Nicole’s tomorrow! Dress nice, comfy, professional and come ready to learn!

English 20:
You will get your To Kill a Mockingbird tests marks back. The class average was in the HIGH 80’s. I was very impressed.
Today we will begin reading Fix Me, by Rune Michaels.

Some of you have been saying that other students in Grade 11 did not like Fix Me... some people in life are going to try and persuade you to think like them. Be your own person and give this novel a chance.

Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 12.44.26 PM

Media Studies/Photography 20:
Let’s go over some of the pictures you have been taking for the City of Lloyd.
We need to finalize videos to the YouTube channel.
Reese; can you omit the ‘drug parody’ commercial from yours and can I finalize it?
Shelby you will want to get your filmed and finished this week.
When I have done this I will mark it for you.

Social Studies 20:
Learning Targets:
€ I can define and explain the term tendency. 5.15
€ I can outline current tendencies that are believe to continue into the future. 5.16
€ I can explain how technology developments affects the following items; 5.19
-economic forces
-cultural forces
€ I can explain income distribution. 4.9
€ I can list pros and cons of welfare. 4.4
€ I can explain, who are the poor? 4.5
€ I can explain upper, middle, working and lower class. 4.6
€ I can explain where poverty exists in the world, nation and locally. 4.7

This past weekend in history the Titanic went down. Why do we still care?
Why will we always care? Why does history matter?
Wait till you see what I got us in Vegas! I think you will really like this assignment/activity.


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