Tuesday… two days left, then field trip! #wegotthis

Hey dolls,

English 20:
Let’s finish these essays OFFFFFFFF!!!
Today… I am going to get you to proof read someone else’s.
You will mark their essay with the rubric.
This will get you comfortable with the rubrics and also support one another.
Support one another.
Yes, you all have to mark someone’s:
You will mark the person you are after. Last person will mark Scotti’s.
Jami, Reese, Jamie, Melissa, Brenna, Britt, Brittany, Summer, Maykayla, Kyle, Sam-M, Madison, Sam, Shelby, Noah, Ashleigh, Brooklyn, Kendall,
(Share your Google doc with the person that is before you.)
You will review essay with the person who’s essay you marked.
Then hand in that paper rubric to me.

You guys will be signing out Fix Me today as well from the librarian. This is your NOT independent novel study but our last novel together. YES, it is MUCH shorter.
Here are some documents from last year that may support you through the novel.
Fix Me Final Project
Fix Me Journal Assignment
Fix Me Student Booklet
Journal FIx Me

Social Studies 20:
4 of you still need to take the Key People quiz.
Who are you?
Melissa, Summer and Makayla you need to do this. One other person that was here yesterday did not do it….

All of you at least doubled the correct answers!
The next time to you do this you will get the results back specifically so you will know which individual people to study.
(Shelby/Sam still need to write before we can go over the test.)

Kahoot; Social Studies style…

Shark Water…

Media Studies/Photography:
How are your videos coming?
Let’s get them wrapped up.
Let’s talk about the final project?


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