Happy Monday!

Well peaches,
I am unfortunately away sick today…
Giving the old liver a day of rest.  🙂
I will miss ya.
PLEASE, please be good for your sub today.

I can write an explanatory essay.
I can write to inform. 
I can write to impress.
I can write a solid thesis.
We only have 4 days this week to wrap up your essays and one of them is a full field trip day…
They have a due date of Tuesday at the end of class.
I need you to be diligent with your essays today and tomorrow. I will be back to help you tomorrow. If you need support don’t be scared to ask a peer/friend/classmate to look it over or the sub! I know they would be happy to help.
I would like you all to SHARE your essays with me TODAY I will be home resting and wouldn’t mind looking over them.
Be sure to refer to your rubric often.

Social Studies 20:
Week in Rap with your sub… to cover recent current events.

I can explain 55 key people in history that have had an impact on why it is the way it is today.

Tomorrow we will review your Social Studies tests and go through a Kahoot to deepen and ensure some of those learning targets were covered! What I would like you to do in Social today is ROUND 2 of your Key People.
Let’s see if you can improve your mark.
No cheating… remember- cheating is NOT necessary.
All I need to do is see that you improved some; your final test will occur the first week in June with no support and that will be work a snap load of marks so… no cheating, get to improving and do your best. I will give you your marks tomorrow. Here is the LINK. GOOD LUCK sneetchies.

Here is what you got last time;

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 10.58.21 PM

When this is done I would like to see you go through the ELA L to J terms we need you to know!
I know this probably feels a like a lot of English but remember that on Thursday we have NONE.
Now… this is another YOU ARE WELCOME thing. I could have made you type all these up and study them…
Instead I am sharing it with you.
Open the following document. (It is a PowerPoint).
Click Slide Show or View Slide Show. Then go to the Jeopardy Board and click to play through and practice.
Click the bottom right button to go back to the beginning each time.
*Yes you can also do this with partners!

Literary Devices Jeopardy

Once you need a brain break you can finish up other work or begin working on your Media Studies video.
You should be working as a team! As a unit. If you are editing… edit together. If you are filming, film together.

Media Studies 20/Photography 20:
You guys will have time to work on your Media Studies films. I am SOOOOO excited to see them.
Sum and Mad Dawg… safe to say we are excited about yours! Haha.
You guys were great sports on Friday to support the girls and it was awesome to see.

If you are finished everything or the sub catches you being a hooligan and not working;
I have instructed them to support you in watching some brain pops.
username: hrhs
password: teacher
After you watch them; do the tests:
Ones to watch that I suggest are:

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 11.39.46 PM

We will review Social tests, do a Kahoot, wrap up your English and hopefully get your videos wrapped up.

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