Wed-Nez-DAY! Happy half way day. #tests #videos #rockinit

Period 4/5: Social Studies 20 Human Rights Unit Exam! GOOD LUCK

Period 5/6: Media Studies 20 VIDEO ANGLES is the KEY here.
We will be combining two assignments into one on this one… this may feel like a big project but… it really is less work and will prepare you for your upcoming project for the division.
I can explain why a storyboard is needed for various pieces of media.
I can make a storyboard from a completed piece of work.
I can create a storyboard for an original piece of work.
I can articulate the importance for storyboarding all media productions.
I can represent larger scale ideas in a brief manner to allow for planning and choreographing scenes.
I can write to express understanding.
I can write and represent messages in different ways.
I can summarize large detailed plans in a direct manner.

Promo Video:
I can explain how words are used to persuade and ignite within a promotional video.
I can explain how visuals are used to persuade and ignite within a promotional video.
I can explain the difference between an ad, psa and a promotional video.
I can create a promotional video.
I can use writing, sounds, voice and tone to persuade.
I can explain the difference between a promotional video and a public service announcement.
I can identify the persuasion techniques used in promotional videos.
I can explain how promotions are used to sell products and ideas.
I can explain times when promotions have mis led the consumer.
I can explain times when promotions have mis led myself.
W Your ULTIMATE deadline to hand this in is in 1 week! Don’t stress, you will have a lot of time. April 1. (You will also have access to better quality cameras!) We must send them in the mail to the Saskatchewan Government on April 1! #Eeeeek. We will be covering more curricular content… and at the same time- entering another contest for you. …because- WHY NOT?



Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 10.34.56 AM

1. STORYBOARDING (Yes you have to plan this out this time and it is marked.) 15%
2. INTENT; SPECIFIC AUDIENCE (Safety in the Workplace). 10%
3. CONTENT 20%
6. OVERALL 10%
Wednesday: Storyboarding
Thursday: Storyboarding and Practicing
Friday/Saturday/Sunday/Monday: Filming
Tuesday: Uploading Material, Editing
Wednesday: Editing/Finalizing

1) Pick a partner or commit to going solo. No groups bigger than 3.

2) Go to the website.
Read over the rules and regulations.

3) Watch some ideas and prompts on the WordPress or on YouTube.
(We will watch some as a class to learn more of the do’s and don’ts.

4) Discuss… Get pumped up…

5) Storyboarding; yes you have to plan!
This counts for 15% of your mark on this assignment. This assignment is worth twice as much total than your PSA!
You can storyboard on paper or using technology.
A storyboard is a graphic organizer in the form of illustrations or images displayed in sequence for the purpose of pre-visualizing a motion picture, animation, motion graphic or interactive media sequence.
Your storyboards must be complete with;
a. timeline
b. materials
c. sketches or rough outlines of how things will look
d. suggested camera angles
e. script
Suggested storyboarding tools if you decide to do this using technology:

6) Proposal;
-on the back of your storyboard write a proposed plan
A proposal is a plan or suggestion, put forward for consideration or discussion by others.
Tell me in 3-4 sentences what you plan to cover, highlight and how you think this can be done. I will also look at your *timeline at this time.
*see below

7) Timeline;
-You have 1 week to complete this!
-Contest date is approaching and part of skill development is… organizing your time, balancing life and school and MEETING DEADLINES. I have to send all these videos in the mail on April 1/2 to be entered in.
Yes you need to enter! WHY NOT!

8) HAVE FUN, do something your are passionate about.

Things to support you:
*you need to cover all of the following angles to get full marks on this assignment
-long shot, medium shot, close up, cropped, panning (tripod), over the shoulder shot, point of view shot, intentional shake
As well as:
slow motion or fast motion
worms eye view or birds eye,


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