Period 4: English 20
(Same targets as previous).
English essays!
*Melissa you will be writing your To Kill a Mockingbird.

Period 5: Photo 20
(Same targets as previous.)
(These three assignments will get you back using, abusing and having fun with photoshop before we get into some higher level projects!)
I think PSA announcements will be during this time? (1:15 ish?)

**Sam H;
-no capital on H
-a specialized
-switch black to the back
-no hypens hit ENTER
**Madison D;
-choose to come to work
-I will give you a little help
-no hypens, hit ENTER
-name needs to be bigger
-let’s simplify a little
-didn’t save
-we need yours too

Period 6: Social Studies 20
Week in Rap (Human Rights)

Learning targets to be covered...

Learning targets to be covered…

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