FRIDAY, March 20

FRIDAY English 20:
RCMP Posters;
Constable Kirzinger was in again today; you guys are ROCKING IT. He was so impressed and I WAS SO IMPRESSED.
He already said that he wants to have a couple extra coins to give to his favourites.
Please make sure you have your files saved as a .jpg as well as a photoshop folder. PLease go and double check in Google classroom right now.

Jami S had an awesome question yesterday about the distinction between authoritarian/totalitarian rule.
(Thank you

1. An authoritarian regime has one ruler, a leader or a committee, the same as a totalitarian, only in an extreme way.

2. The totalitarian has charisma over his people while the authoritarian imposes fear over those who oppose and rewards those that are loyal to him.

3. The totalitarian is more of a divine ideologist who will save the people, while the authoritarian is focused more on control and status quo as an individualist.

4. The totalitarian uses his prophetic leadership to drive the people, while the authoritarian uses political parties, mass organizations, and other propagandas to make the people follow him.

Totalitarians: Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin
Authoritarians: Hussein

Few things:
Brittany B- there is a picture of Tina (older lady) and he would love to see her picture on the poster.
Let’s quickly find a spot for it. (he loved the background)
Lorenz- we can’t open yours so please go and make sure it is saved as a .jpg (we wanna see your awesomeness)
Reese- can you please go and add your guys name to the poster? (he loved the water)
Jamie H- there is white in the logo, can you just go and magic eraser the little spots out? (he LOVED the simple/classiness)
Makayla- he was JACKED about your cover… can you make the title at the top bigger and stand out more?

ESSAY writing:
(Same learning targets as previous).
I can write to inform.
I can write to explain.
I can use examples from a novel to prove a specific theme and thesis.
I can write a strong, concrete thesis.
I can write a strong, concrete, engaging hook.
I can write a 5 paragraph essay on a specific selected theme within TKAM.
You should have your thesis finished by the end of the day and all supporting materials. Be diligent for the next hour. We will head to Lakeland College about 1:30pm. We will be at Lakeland until 3:00.
At which time we will have a Kahoot assessment to close out another awesome week!

To Kill a Mockingbird test will be Monday. 🙂 Yup. No negotiating.
Human Rights Unit exam will likely be next THURSDAY.
*Progress Reports are MONDAY!!!!!!!!


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