Social Studies 20:
ð I can define the term political prisoner. 1.38
ð I can define the term torture and offer insight into why some people torture. 1.39a
ð I can define and explain ‘xenophobia’ and how it can ‘distort’ reality. 1.39b
ð I can understand the impact that becoming a political prisoner can have on an individual(s). 1.40

Political Prisoners
Look at the other screen: Go to the URL:
Type in:
What are some HUGE, key events in history where there have been massive numbers of political prisoners?

We will finish up with Week in Rap. (Yes, all are buffered!)
Love, Hate, Prop from yest…

English 20:
Learning Targets:
I can compare and contrast the novel to the movie.
I can explain why the novel and the movie are/must be different.

We will finish watching TKAM.
Let’s talk about the essay.

Media Studies 20/Photography 20:
I can critique my own, and others work to learn how other techniques can be applied to improve photographs.
Review photography photos to do some learning from your awesomeness.

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