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English 20:
Bell Work:
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I Have a Dream Speech

KAHOOT on Chapter 16, 17, 18, and 19!
Let’s talk quick about what has been going on?

(Yes SPARKNOTES are good sometimes, No SPARKNOTES are not the alternative to actually reading the novel.) 
The trial is the most gripping, and in some ways the most important, dramatic sequence in TKAM yet.
Tom Robinson is on trial but who else is on trial?
What does the “coloured balcony” represent?
Does Atticus win?
Who are the big losers?
All three lack the racism that the crowd of white faces in the courtroom propagates.

No matter what evidence is presented at the trial, the racist jury would never, under any circumstances, acquit a black man accused of raping a white woman. The reader knows that Tom Robinson will be found guilty, so Lee locates the tension and suspense elsewhere—in Atticus’s slow but steady dismantling of the prosecution’s case. Jem, still clinging to his youthful illusions about life working according to concepts of fairness, doesn’t understand that his father’s brilliant efforts will be in vain.
When Jem says, “We’ve got him,” after Bob Ewell is shown to be left-handed, the reader knows better. Atticus, like Mrs. Dubose in her battle with morphine, is “licked” before he begins.

Bob Ewell’s real name is Robert E. Lee Ewell, a moniker that links him with the South’s past and makes him absurd by comparison with his namesake, General Robert E. Lee, who fought valiantly for the Confederacy in the Civil War despite his opposition to slavery. If Robert E. Lee represents the idealized South, then Bob Ewell epitomizes its darker and less respectable side, dominated by thoughtless prejudice, squalor, and meanness. Atticus’s admonition to Scout that she should increase her tolerance by stepping inside other people’s shoes does not apply to Bob Ewell. When Atticus tries to do so later, he only underestimates the depth of this little man’s wickedness. The irony, of course, is that Bob Ewell is completely unimportant; he is an arrogant, lazy, abusive fool, laughed at by his fellow townsfolk. Yet in the racist world of Maycomb, sadly, even he has the power to destroy an innocent man—perhaps the novel’s most tragic example of the threat posed to innocence by evil.

Let’s talk about your writing screens.
Tomorrow we will watch some more of TKAM before continuing on to read.

Photo 20:
PSA’s are due tomorrow for a first view! We will be submitting them Thursday!
Don’t forget to have handouts filled out for everyone in your PSA’s.

DONE: Brooklyn, Jamie H, Sam M, Breanna, Shelby, Summer, (THANK YOU AND WOW WOW WOW.)
NOT DONE: Everyone else?
You have a CITY of LLOYDMINSTER folder shared with you in Google Drive.
Please take your field trip photos, title them with your nameandthena#.jpg and put them in the drive.


Now, log back into Google Classroom and see the other assignment that has been added.
You will have time to work on this on your own.

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