What? It is Thursday already? Weird. #letsdothis

Notes for you:
April 14th is the date we will be heading to Nicole Noyce’s studio.
If you are not done your current events assignment; GET IT IN!
Your poetry analysis’s are currently being marked.
You need to be filming your PSA within the next 7 days!

English 20:
What did you guys like about what we have seen in TKAM so far?
What is the same?
What is different?
Today; you will read Chapter 10 together as a class!
We will move on to 11 if we get that far.

Social Studies 20:
I can properly identify 53 specific key people in world history and explain why they are significant.

We will begin with; THE WEEK IN RAP!? What the heck is going on in the world?
We will continue with Key People: L to J.
We will take a break from Key People tomorrow to begin discussion of the Russian Revolution on Friday.

Photography 20:
Remember that you should be filming your PSA’s this week!
This following assignment MUST be done and all pictures MUST be uploaded this weekend.
You will want to make a Scavenger Hunt page OFF your Photography 20 WordPress page.

Scavenger Hunt: 10 Images
I can define DSLR and provide a summary on how an image is recorded on a DSLR.
I can manipulate aperture to serve a specific purpose.
I can relationship between the lighting/sharpness of an image and aperture.
I can manipulate shutter speed to serve a specific purpose.
I can understand the relationship between the lighting/sharpness of an image and shutter speed.
I can manipulate white balance to serve a specific purpose.
I can manipulate exposure compensation to serve a specific purpose.
I can manipulate ISO to serve a specific purpose.
I can summarize what each of the ‘modes’ are on the DSLR and explain how each serves a different purpose in obtaining a quality image.
I will become confident in operating a DSLR camera in manual mode.

Photograph a tree from a worms eye view
Photograph a person from a birds eye view
Photography something to imply a jail cell or being locked away
Photograph a silhouette of a person or object with backlighting
Show how aperture (Av) can be used; foreground blurry, back image in focus
Show how shutter speed (Tv) can be used to freeze a frame outdoors
Show how shutter speed (Tv) can be used to blur a frame outdoors
Show understanding of the rule of thirds outdoors
Show understanding of framing indoors

This image is FREE; show your creativity in any way you want

Notes for Friday;
Remember that Machiavelli, Buddha and Hammurabi chat will appear on your Friday Kahoot!
There are 25 questions on Friday’s Kahoot! 22 of the questions are for marks! You got this ‘smarties’.

English 20: We will continue reading in TKAM.
(We will have a break Monday from reading to dive into some of the themes that are presenting themself in the novel. You won’t want to miss Monday! Monday we will also have a Kahoot in regards to what we have read so far.)

Social Studies 20:
We will cover a few Key People.
You will have time to work on your I Have a Dream speeches. Remember that these are due next week!
You need to devise a plan for how you are going to film this.
*Remember you also have to film your PSA’s.
**Work is going to start stacking up so stay on top of things.

Media Studies 20/Photography:
You will have the entire period to finish shooting your scavenger hunt images and posting them on your WordPress.
*I will show you how to put a caption on your images.
**If you need support on depth of field/foreground/background blur… come see me.
Please do not disrupt any other classes in session.

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