Tuesday, February 17

Happy short week!
Remember that you should be arranging to film your PSA’s this week!

English 20:
(Same learning targets as we have been covering throughout the entire novel so far.)
What happened in Chapter 8?
Let’s review!
Maycomb endures a real winter! Jem and Scout haul as much snow as they could from Miss Maudie’s yard to their own. Since there is not enough snow to make a real snowman, they build a small figure out of dirt and cover it with snow. They make it look like Mr. Avery, an unpleasant man who lives down the street. The figure’s likeness to Mr. Avery is so strong that Atticus demands that they disguise it.

Miss Maudie’s house is on fire. The neighbors help her save her furniture, and the fire truck arrives in time to stop the fire from spreading to other houses, but Miss Maudie’s house burns to the ground. In the confusion, someone drapes a blanket over Scout. When Atticus later asks her about it, she has no idea who put it over her. Jem realizes that Boo Radley put it on her, and he reveals the whole story of the knothole, the presents, and the mended pants to Atticus. Atticus tells them to keep it to themselves, and Scout, realizing that Boo was just behind her, nearly throws up.

Miss Maudie is cheerful the next day. She tells the children how much she hated her old home and that she is already planning to build a smaller house and plant a larger garden. She says that she wishes she had been there when Boo put
the blanket on Scout to catch him in the act.

WOAH! Let’s break this down.
Are your opinions changing?
Lee uses an elliptical technique in telling Boo’s story—she hints and implies at what is happening without ever showing the reader directly. The reader must read between the lines—inferring, for instance, that it was Boo Radley who mended Jem’s pants and placed the presents in the tree, since Scout does not realize that Boo’s hand is at work until Jem explains things to Atticus after the fire.
What is an elliptical technique?

We will watch a very select part of the movie today to get your feet wet on how someone characterizes Jem, Scout, Dill, Atticus and others. My hope is that this will also build up some anticipation for what is to come.
We will continue on with reading Chapter 9.

Media Studies 20:
Learning Targets:
I understand how the media impacts my life.
I can define and create a media log, charting my use of media.
I can make inferences based on my media log.
I can write a personal response based on my inferences.
I understand the different facets of the ‘media’.
I can set goals to use the media to benefit my life.
I can list the different types of media.
I can differentiate between useful and non-useful forms of media.
I can explain how the media impacts what we ‘think’.
I can see how other people use media and explain how it impacts their life.

All of your media profiles should be complete! Here is your assignment.
Take a look at your profile.

Total each area.
Screen shot your media profile.
Post your media profile on your WordPress on your Media Studies page.
Then below; answer the following questions.
*I would like this assignment to appear on your next report card/progress report.
Where do you spend the majority of your time?
Is this a good thing or a bad thing?
What could you do to improve this area to make your quality of life even better?
What surprised you about the totals of where you spend your time?
How many hours did you spend with family?
Who is raising YOU?
How do you think your media profile stacks up against other teenagers your age? Find someone and review their profile…
What was noticeable different? Why do you think?
What was the same?

Social Studies 20:
Your current event assignments will be returned.
*I hope to have your poetry ones back by Friday. (Taking longer than I thought.)
Introduction to KEY PEOPLE! This will be given to you in a Google Form.
Who are these people?
If there is free time you will be able to work on your I Have a Dream speeches.

Tomorrow we will have English and 2 periods with the cameras!


Remember that you should be filming your PSA’s this week!
Scavenger Hunt: 10 Images
Photograph a tree from a worms eye view
Photograph a person from a birds eye view
Photography something to imply a jail cell or being locked away
Photograph a silhouette of a person or object with backlighting
Show how aperture (Av) can be used; foreground blurry, back image in focus
Show how shutter speed (Tv) can be used to freeze a frame outdoors
Show how shutter speed (Tv) can be used to blur a frame outdoors
Show understanding of the rule of thirds outdoors
Show understanding of framing indoors

This image is FREE; show your creativity in any way you want

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