Yikes… Friday the 13th; February 13

Good morning grasshoppers!
Thank you again for such a fun day yesterday.
I hope you learned a lot in relation to the learning targets that were listed and mentioned on Thursday’s blog post!
20150212_142736 20150212_142446 20150212_133350-SMILE 20150212_132719 20150212_132137

Period 4: English 20
*Sam we need you to do your writing screen today! (Students don’t let me forget to have Sam do this!)
We will begin with TKAM this afternoon.
What did we uncover in Chapter 5?
Let’s begin with Chapter 6!

Period 5: Social Studies 20
I Have a Dream Speech rubric… HERE
Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 9.12.13 PM

Here are some of last years support documents:
I Have a Dream Support Documents

Period 6: Media Studies 20:
Are you done your media profile? If not… add to it now. (Remember this is due for Tuesday.)
What did we learn from Craig?
One TWEET can change the game…
Log onto PIXELBlue and chose two options that interest you.

Work Period NOW
You want to try and film your PSA NEXT WEEK! Eeek.

Have a great, SAFE weekend. I appreciate each and everyone of you, don’t forget it!
*Remember if it says you have slow Internet; switch to Safari.


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