Wednesday; February 11

Good morning team;
Today we have early dismissal!
Please note the following field trips again!
February 12: NewCap Television, Lloydminster, AB.
February 18: Nicole Noyce Studios, Sandy Beach, AB.
February 26: City of Lloydminster: Experiential Learning (Photography 20)
March 10: The Goat
April 2: City of Lloydminster: Experiential Learning (Photography 20)
April 23: Edmonton; Pixel Blue, Studio Box, Microsoft
May 15: City of Lloydminster: Experiential Learning (Photography 20)
May 26: Border City Petting Zoo, Lloydminster
June 12: City of Lloydminster: Experiential Learning (Photography 20)

Start thinking about your interest area for Pixel Blue:
3D Animation & Modeling, Design & Motion Graphics, Digital Audio Production

English 20:

I can write to persuade.
I can write for purpose.
I can write formally while still communicating MY opinion.
I can show attention to spelling, grammar and general rules in writing.

Today you will begin independently finishing your writing screen! Fun stuff… #good luck
This will take a class and a bit; being that it is early dismissal.
Get cozy, get comfy and GET GOING!
Remember to try HARD; spelling, pre planning, editing, re-reading and beyond should all be apart of ROCKING this.
You shouldn’t finish too early.
*Sam M; you will need to do this ASAP when you return.

Social Studies 20:
Yesterday we covered many slavery learning targets.
Today; we continue!
We will have more notes, discussion and will be diving into Martin Luther King Jr.

€ I can define slavery. 1.11a
€ I can define and explain what is meant by a ‘labour shortage’ 1.1b
€ I can explain how ‘labour shortages’ lead to unfair working conditions. 1.1c
€ I can define and explain ‘serdom’ 1.1d
€ I can identify when slavery occurs. 1.12
€ I can identify the basic values governing slavery. 1.13a
€ I can define centralized government. 1.13b
€ I can explain how a centralized government impacts the laws surrounding 1.13c
€ I can explain when slavery began in North America. 1.14
-Jim Crow Laws/Civil War/Bill of Rights/Red Summer/Malcolm X/Black Muslim Movement/Enlightenment/Indigenous People
€ I can explain how a group of people in history rationalized the treatment of people as slaves. 1.15
€ I can explain why many people accept their role as a slave. 1.16
€ I can list and explain 5-10 key events in the history of slavery in North America. 1.17

Jim Crow Laws: Click HERE

 Let’s review the targets;
What is serfdom?
What are the Jim Crow Laws… and so on. Please


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