February 9th; Week 2

English 20:
We will begin with a GRADED TKAM Kahoot quiz.
Then we will begin your writing screen planning. I know this seems, ‘boring’ or ‘pointless’ but these screens will be used to support me, in supporting you!

Media Studies 20:
PSA work period.

Social Studies 20:
Hammurabi (an eye for an eye)
Buddha (love/wisdom/care)
Machiavelli (the end’s justify the means)

We will now be transitioning to ‘slavery’.
€ I can define slavery. 1.11a
€ I can define and explain what is meant by a ‘labour shortage’ 1.1b
€ I can explain how ‘labour shortages’ lead to unfair working conditions. 1.1c
€ I can define and explain ‘serdom’ 1.1d
€ I can identify when slavery occurs. 1.12
€ I can identify the basic values governing slavery. 1.13a
€ I can define centralized government. 1.13b
€ I can explain how a centralized government impacts the laws surrounding 1.13c
€ I can explain when slavery began in North America. 1.14
-Jim Crow Laws/Civil War/Bill of Rights/Red Summer/Malcolm X/Black Muslim Movement/Enlightenment/Indigenous People
€ I can explain how a group of people in history rationalized the treatment of people as slaves. 1.15
€ I can explain why many people accept their role as a slave. 1.16
€ I can list and explain 10 key events in the history of slavery in North America. 1.17

L to J Terminology:
slavery, power, influence, social dislocation, scapegoating, genocide, ethnocentrism, protest
Additional terminology:
-de jure segregation
-de facto segregation

Who is Amadou Diallo?

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 8.59.37 PM

I Have a Dream Assignment


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