#FETC 2015 Final Day:

Opening Keynote: Thank you to David Monina Sengeh, Biometronics Engineer; Founder of Global Minimum Inc.
David was born in Sierra Leone and grew up in Freetown. He is on the Forbes Under 30 list in the area of technology.
He works with prosthetic’s. He found that people in his country would sometimes receive prosthetics and not use them because they just wanted to beg for money. Aside from that,  the universal challenge with prosthetics is socket discomfort and people were getting blisters and hurting the more they would wear it.

Thank you David for your incredible story!

Thank you David for your incredible story!

Contests to Apply For:
Mind Share Learning
Imagine Cup
Microsoft Expert Educator
Ken Spencer Award
A+ for Energy Grant
BETT (Through SMART?)
LCYC Public Service Announcement Campaign

10-11: 60 in 60: 60 Instructional Technologies in 60 Minutes with Michael Meechin (310GH)
Every year at #fetc Michael Meechin is my favourite!

Meechin is an excellent follow on Twitter.

Meechin is an excellent follow on Twitter.

Thanks Mike for the snap!

Thanks Mike for the snap! Mike is one of our favourite presenters at #fetc @fetc

Mike challenged us;
What if your district blocks this stuff? 
You need to have tough conversations with the people who are making decisions and you need to CHANGE IT.
I agree; good changes and growth never came without forcing through some tough stuff.

LEGEND for the Tech Tools we are being introduced to:
*I have used these and love it.
**I have never used these.
-This isn’t one of my favourites.

1. *Bit.ly (URL shortener)
2. *Fur.ly (Like Bit.ly on steroids. It will take all those websites and give you one link; great to add webpages and the kids can go through your multiple web pages.)
3. If you are  not on *TWITTER…  MAKE IT HAPPEN. (I say it all the time.)
4. *TWITTER Fall search for a hashtag on twitter and presents it in a fall, then you can expand it. (This would be good to have running on your laptop and it is your EXIT ticket at the end of the day.) Simple/Easy to use…
5. VISIBLE TWEETS does the same thing as #4. Make it look pretty.
6. Animoto; Drives content for Mike. “Our students are 24/7.” If we are not providing them content 24/7 We need to do that!
They will work at 3am. We must foster that. “Students are weird creatures.” They are least emersde in technology in schools… that shouldn’t happen.
7. **Knovio (I have never used this.)
8. Screener, Screencast-o-matic; Was that you can record lessons.
9. *Prezi: This is a good presentation tool for students. I like it. Students like it. Mike likes it. “We are not teaching kids to write notes.” Prezi should be used for “talking points”. I agree completely and this is the same way that I use it. It is like a concept map. NO MORE BULLET POINTS.
10. **Haiku Deck; (They have a desktop version now.) It is the powerpoint killer. I have heard of it but have never used it. They have so many templates!
11. *TODAY’s MEET. I use this EVERYDAY! EVERYDAY! LOVE IT. (Back channeling.)
12. *Google Books; There are many books there, especially older content. Switch to mobile devices.
13. *Google Voice; It is like remind but it gives you two way communication with students without having to give numbers. This is like *Remind. I have never used Voice because I like *Remind so much.
14. *Google Drive; AWESOME.
15. *Google Maps; “This is beautiful. You can take kids anywhere in the world- VIRTUALLY. I love it and couldn’t live without it for social.”
16. *Google Scholar is a search engine for case law and scholarly articles. I use it. It was instrumental during my Masters. “A reminder that Google has partnered with LIFE magazine. This is cross-content!”
17. *Google Calendar; Obviously good…
18. **You Can Book Me… THIS IS SO COOL! I want to try this ASAP for High School.
(Doug Abrosimoff… needs this. It syncs with with Google Calendar.) (Instructional coaches should also be using this!)
19. **Event Brite; This is more on scheduling.
20. *Smore; flyers and poster. “It gives the ability for you to add maps.” I have used it and love it. Students like it too.
21. *Storybird.com; This should be on 40 in 60 primary session that we teach in the fall/Bootcamp. I have used it. Like it.
22. **Scriffen; If you don’t want to go the blog route… neat/clean/easy to use. It is for publishing content.
23. Write Ignitor 
24. **Good Books.
25. *Computation engine. It is not a search engine. You search terms… I have used it. Love it. It is great for Social/History.
26. **Paper.ly; “Allows you to take a hashtag on Twitter and you can take all that information and it will put it into a newspaper.” I need to show this to SHAB.
27. *CK12; There is a lot of curriculum material here. Good for updated material.
28. **Dan Meyer; For all the Math people out there… check him out. (3 Axe Math)
29. *LearnZIllion. “It is like the Khan Academy but more alined to the common core standards.”
30. **Virtual Nerd; “We are beginning to use for tutoring.It doesn’t just show a video it has a teacher in it as well with a whiteboard.”
31. *Stat Finder/Stat World; “You can find any statistic on anything that is out there. I need to present this to the humanities teachers.”
32. **Met Timeline; “Great for Timelines.”
33. **Timeline JS. “It gives you a Google Doc. You plug all the data in. Then it will actually give you a link and take everything from the spreadsheet/doc and it will give you a nice clean timeline.”
34. *Google Art Project; Very cool, use it in Social. (Use the Streetview!)
35. **StudyBlue; This makes a stack of flashcards. Automatically takes the ones you got wrong and re tests you on them.
36. *TED; If you need inspiration- GO HERE. THis is also awesome for people doing their Masters. I used it a TON!
37. *TED Ed. They have built lesson plans with highly engaging videos. (Jenn Zettel uses these a lot!) Short videos that tie into lesson plans. “If you have not checked it out it is one of the hidden jems.”
38. *Wordle; (I like Tagxedo better.) You write in your words and it arranges them in a word cloud. The words that are used most often are bigger.
39. *Newsmap; VERY COOL! Forgot about this one! Love it. Need to give this to the Humanities time. I have used it a few times.
40. *Newseum; They have 800 newspapers that they publish the first page of. AWESOME. Josh and Shab will love this one. I have used it a few times and again- I FORGOT ABOUT IT!
41. *Remind. Enough said! If you are not using this tool… STOP. Sign up now. i promise you will use it and love it. UNREAL. Adelle should maybe use it.
42. *Class Dojo. We use it in our division and teachers love it. I don’t use it with the high school students.
43. **Kahoot; Game based learning. Very similar to Socrative.
44. *EverNote; It is a cool working environment… (We should have whiteboard walls in our new QUAD!!!!!)
45. *Exit Ticket; ExitTix; We have used it and like it. It is more for Advanced people!
46. *Plickers; Awesome! We use it and LOVE IT. I plan to use it every Friday. It is great, quick formative assessment.
47. **EduCanon; Let’s you take video and lets you tie in questions. Students watch a video and it stops certain times and asks them a question. BlendSpace is kind of better I think.
48. *Big History Project; AWESOME!
49. **Canva; amazing design software, if you are designing templates for ANYTHING really. It is compete FREE.
50. **Common Curriculum: Missed this… (Free version for individual teachers. There is no need to pay really for the licenses.)
51. *GradeCam; You print these answer keys and you show camera… keeps in a database online. (SEE YA LATER REMARK!)
52. *Newsela; DIfferntiation to the Max! I use this all the time and LOVE IT!
53. *WordLens; HOLY SNAP! AMMMMMMAZING. This needs to be presented to Edwina, Leny, Ramona, Kristen.
54. *Reflector/Air Server; Use it. Love it.

11-12 LUNCH!
We ripped through the insane exhibit hall at #fetc.

Jenn Zettel and Nicole Blais are 2015 Microsoft Expert Educator's and Lloyd Catholic and the #lcsdtech team couldn't be proud of the INSANE work they do with their co-learners.

Jenn Zettel and Nicole Blais are 2015 Microsoft Expert Educator’s and Lloyd Catholic and the #lcsdtech team couldn’t be proud of the INSANE work they do with their co-learners.

So... this happened! I love hearing Mike Meechin. He is awesome every time, every year. We are also HUGE promoters of Twitter. If you don't have the bird bug... GET ON IT.

So… this happened! I love hearing Mike Meechin. He is awesome every time, every year. We are also HUGE promoters of Twitter. If you don’t have the bird bug… GET ON IT.

12-1 Project Based Learning Technology Tools with Shaun Walker (320B)
Session Code: CS8170 (This is on the FETC site. AGAIN- WE MISS THE APP.)
Shaun is a first time presenter at FETC.

Here’s the plan:
What is PBL?
It is the new ‘it’ word. Edutopia outlines the five core elements of successful PBL as:
-Real World Connection
-Core to Learning
-Student Collaboration
-Student Driven
-Multi Faceted Assessment

Propelling the Way?
Method to the Madness?
Favourite Tools/Resources:
Project Samples/Examples:

Huge thanks for this FETC and Mike Meechin:



Huge thanks to Mike Meechin for sending us this and saying he wants it SHARED SHARED SHARED:
Follow him on Twitter. NOW!

1-2 20 Tools for the Blended Learning Toolbox (230F)
Pam Aulakh is a Technology Integrator (techknowteach.com)
Melissa Woods (littlebytesoftech.com)
A video was shown on ‘Blended Learning’:
The Internet means we have two classrooms in our ‘room’; online and offline.
Everything she is going to show us today is FREE!

Adaptive Learning Games:
Brain Rush is a way that you can create and easily deliver adapted learning games to your students.
There are 4 types of games for our students. (This seems like a more intense version of Kahoot.)
*This does seem a little elementary. (They have a Hot Spot template.)
You can create a class in Brain Rush… there is a countdown clock for this.

Padlet; (She loves it. SO DO I!) It is like a stick note online. This is a way to back channel if I wanted to mix it up from Today’s Meet. It is also great for concept mapping. (Wall Wisher used to be good too.)

PBSLearning Media (pbslearningmedia.org)
There video segments are short and to the point and content specific. This is linked directly to Florida curricula. (I love Discovery Education.) PBSLM is FREE FREE FREE!

Storyboarding Tools: Board Builder, Glogster or Gaggle.

BlendSpace formerly EdCanvas; We love it!
She was wanting to Flip her instruction and her classroom. BlendSpace and EdCanvas helped make this possible for her. She used this extensively. You can create a learning menu as well. She suggested using this for professional development.

Braingenie (Falls under CK12)
It is perfect for Math and Science. I have never heard of it. It is a non-profit organization. Free.
You can have them join a class. They get a code. (Plix interactives are coming!) She says it is like a Gizmo.

This is for ELA. It creates sentences and things for the students to create and it put in others names.
It gives the stduents thinking and practicing time for grammar skills. Sounds great for ESL, low achieving or elementary. It is adaptive.

Tube Chop. (We use it all the time.) You take the URL from You Tube and drag the bar to select the portion of the You Tube video you want to CHOP and it will shorten it. It is AWESOME!

Jeopardy Box
These are templates for Jeopardy. There is a paid version and a free version.

Enables you to create questions for students and they play games to answer the assessment.
Only for elementary or special needs/ESL/ELL at the high school level. Not for high school I don’t think.
There are also templates/questions that are already available.

She likes to use video in teaching.
-crop a video
-record audio over a video
-embed questions
-upload your own videos

-simple test generator
-automatic grading
-east to use
-detailed reports
-no registration required

She walked us through an Oppia.
You would take your instruction and introduce a topic.
You would maybe want to ask them questions about what they already know.

WeVideo; Not my favourite, or my choice when creating videos with students.
It is free… but… not a fan. (It looks a lot like iMovie.)
*A huge benefit to this is if students need to make videos from home and can’t take the videos home.
It can be used with every sort of device.
There is also a WeVideo Academy that teachers teachers and students how to use it.

Gibbon-Curated Playlists for Learning
-peer to peer platform
-view playlists as simple textbook
There are 1000’s of gibbons created out there.

LessonPaths: Like BlendSpace
-Create steps and customize playlists

-create a live radio show; it is like podcasting
-the free version is limited but works

-new collaboration tool
(CrowdGrader is easier to view than any of the Google Add-Ons).

2-3 Interactive Classrooms: Engage and Evaluate Students with Mobile Devices
Dina Moati 230G
SWITCHED TO ATTEND: Google Top 25 Chrome Extensions and Favourite Apps  
with Jackie Ediger

Let's do this!

Let’s do this!

Browsers are like a car… You can drive different browsers. She uses Chrome for almost everything.
What is an extension and what is an app?
An extension, works on different sites to make something easier…. like a shortcut.  When you install the extension, that feature is available on every single site you visit.  Extensions use downloaded components to modify your browser.
App: basically websites. They run within Chrome’s browser, and they may not even require any downloads.

Her absolute favourite for students and for teachers is Ginger.
-checks your spelling and grammar on the web
This is awesome for students applying for colleges.

Google Calendar is her BEST friend.
She uses two extensions. Calendar at a Glance

Goo.gl is a URL shortener that she presented next. I like Bit.ly and Fur.ly. When you use the goo.gl it also tracks how many times that address has clicked on it. This would be great with students in the DETAILS section.

Too many tabs open at one time? It lets you close all your tabs and save them for later and then you can re-open them.
This would be awesome for presentations. Saaaaaay WHAT! Awesome. Stew we need to use this for our presentation at CanConnect in Niagara. Also great if you want to hide what you are doing from your students.  😉

Ad Block Plus;
THIS IS A MUST! (Install it once and it works!) I AM SO PUMPED ABOUT THIS. This needs to go in the ZCI.
Cleans up articles so you can:
-send to everyone
-read without distractions
(This would be great for printing current events pages; to save printing 40 pages of junk you don’t need.)
(You can also send it directly to EverNote if you want.) *I need to maybe give Evernote a Chance

OneClick Timer
If you have trouble with time… use this. Easy Easy! It is right there in Chrome Add-ons.

Turn Off the Lights
Will dim everything around the video in YouTube.
I would probably use full screen mode more but…

This is for any browser and you just drag it up to your Bookmark Tool Bar.
It takes everything off and makes it all white. Again- I would probably just use full screen.

EverNote WebClipper:
-whatever website you are on, clip to evernote to save for later
-create tags to help you find them later.
*I so need to look into this and quit putting it off.
(Taking notes, document maintenance issues in their buildings…)
*Skitch is a part of Evernote.

Tweet Deck:
Love it! You can have it stand alone or you can have it a part of Chrome.

VideoDownloader Professional:

I need to use this with my students ASAP! Love it.

I need to use this with my students ASAP! Love it.


WolfFram Alpha:
“Finance, food, math, medicine, stocks, weather and more.  Whatever you want to calculate or know about, get there faster with Wolfram/Alpha.” -Jackie Ediger
It is a fact MACHINE!

VideoNot.es (I LOVE THIS!)



Wunderlust: Great for making lists. It is just a list app. You can also share your list with other people.
YoWindow: It tells you the temperature back home. Very cute weather app.
Google Hangout: video calling…
Picasa: Where you keep all your pictures and of course you can share them to other people and they can download if they want.
Google Maps: Self Explanatory
Tweet Deck: Self Explanatory
MoveNote: Probably should try…
-record your audio/video and your video will pup up beside your video
*I think I would like to try this before Screencast-o-Matic

Off to the KeyNote! WOOT!


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