Day in the Life of a MIEE: Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert

Let me start by saying I am no expert! I don’t claim to be one- nor will I ever be one.
Technology changes too fast to be an ‘expert’. I love that I am always striving to know more and often feel that I am diving into the unknown in familiar territory. That is what I love about education and what we do as MIE’s… we aren’t scared to make mistakes and we ‘TRY’. We fiddle, play, fail, succeed, stay up late for days on end and toy with tools until we find a fit that supports the learning of our students.
Student learning should be at the centre of every decision we make as educators…
EACH and EVERY student!
-and no two learn alike nor have the same path that lies ahead

Week in the Life of an MI
What would a week be without connecting with other former Expert Educators? When I was in Spain at the Global Forum I unknowingly dropped a 20$ on the ground and @NoApp4Pedagogy (Eric Patnoudes- Eastern USA) called after me to return it. (Insta friends…)  Little did I know that Eric had travelled over on a connecting flight with @kurtsoeser… Long story short- Kurt (Austria) had been following my blog and work with The School of Global Media Studies so when I walked into the forum on the first day he called out to me and we met in person. Within 4 days the three of us were pretty inseparable and have kept in constant contact since. We have supported one another in many different ways. I was able to see Kurt a few months later when back in Europe visiting Austria with 30 students in tow and Eric as well in Philadelphia at the School of the Future Learn-a-thon event. Thanks again Eric for getting me out there! I would be lost without these two, as I always have a question they can answer, and their awful sense of humor and endless support means the world to me.

Hey From Canada Video to support Kurt at Forum.

That is what the Forum gives you that I can’t describe- a family of people who are as crazy nerdy and passionate as you are. Both @kurtsoeser and @noapp4pedagogy are awesome follows on Twitter. Make it happen people! Check out #microsoftgf and check out the who’s and what’s of others as well.
In other events this week we have VC’s happening with TakingItGlobal, Skypes planned in various grades/subject areas and BEYOND. What a week it has been. One morning I woke up surprised to only have 225 emails compared to the 270 the day before. 🙂

This year I know it is my turn to return the favour! I have been inspired by the drive of Nicole Blais and Jenn Zettel.
These two beauties are diving deep into the technological world and putting student engagement and learning at the forefront of their planning and initiatives. I have been BLOWN away by them both and am pinching myself that I get to work with such special people. Ashley Wachira, Lee-Ann Fradette and Chantale Forcier are three other names to watch in terms of people who will be coming up in ed tech talks before long… (EPIC WOMEN doing EPIC THINGS). Nicole and Jenn be applying to be Microsoft Expert Educators this year! (I also need to get them tweeting up a storm!) Let’s give them some love and support as they both deserve to spend a week in March in Redmond sharing and experiencing all I did in Spain at the Forum last year. Being loud and proud about these babes has been a pleasure. We have NewCap Television coming in to cover our connection with an African school (see video below) on Wednesday, October 15! You can bet I will be tweeting, facebooking and beyond the link out.

No Class’room’ Needed: Nicole Blais for 2015 MIEE
Click HERE to video Nicole’s incredible video.

Jenn Zettel’s Video is coming soon and I assure you it will be OUTSTANDING, we even have Rushton Hurley himself adding to it (@rushtonh)…

Thanks to Microsoft; I spent 2 weeks in France and Spain in March, presented and won some more technology in Philadelphia at the end of April and then presented at Canada’s Technology Conference in Niagara Falls in May. In November I am off to present at ATLE in Edmonton, Alberta and another event later the same week in Vancouver, British Columbia. In January, our division takes a full team to FETC in Orlando and we will be heading back to Niagara Falls in May. These are only some of the events we have planned… SHARING is key. The more I share the more I learn. When I am at a conference I am completely engaged. I am meeting people handing out business cards and connecting with as many people as possible- not only for myself and my students but for the teachers I work with. AND- the biggest thing is I am open to working with all teachers. We are no longer limited to work with people in our buildings. WE have a responsibility as educators all over the world to CONNECT, regardless of where we live.
There are NO EXCUSES. We even have a project we are working on with Our Village Uganda where power and connectivity are an issue. NO EXCUSES!

The unthinkable happened at the Forum last March. My incredible Learn-a-thon team won in the area of Sustainability. Check out @ketheredge on Facebook. Kelli has especially became another friend and support since the forum.

@sustainusnow is well underway with NEMO travelling all over the world to work with students.
This week Nemo arrives in Columbia to work with Elisabeth Angel.

The feeling of being on that stage with 100's of educators from all around the world... is beyond words.

I receive motivation, inspiration, empowerment and excitement from everything that comes from being a Microsoft Expert Educator… but- there are also some pretty other awesome props for hard work and digging deep.
Huge thanks and props to Microsoft for sending me a new Dell Venue Pro this week!
I won this beauty at the School of the Future event in April/May… I am so excited to get utilizing its awesomeness.



Lastly, I need to give thanks to Lia Remu, Marilyn Steier, Kate Taylor and Razan Roberts for all they have done to support and encourage my work with Microsoft. I am one lucky lady to have an opportunity to work with a company that cares so much about education. Thank you will never be enough.

Follow me on Twitter people and let’s get to connecting and amping up student learning in every way we can! If you are considering whether applying for Microsoft Expert Educator is a good idea or not.
It isn’t a good idea.
It is a great idea.
Get it done.
No excuses.
Dig Deep.
EVERYDAY… put those individual students and their learning first. #techmakesiteasier


My handle is: @JHManner

Feel free to contact me anytime.

Feel free to contact me anytime.

One comment on “Day in the Life of a MIEE: Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert

  1. razanroberts says:

    What a great blog! You are awesome Jessie and it is amazing to see great friendships flourish through the engagement with Microsoft! This is ultimately what its all about!

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