Remind 101; Committing to Serve Educators

I can’t deny the excitement I exuded when word broke of Remind 101 adding attachments to its services. I was in a grocery store check out line when I saw the announcement on Twitter. Let’s just say my loud verbal, “Best. Day. Ever!” pronouncement was not appreciated by all who were near.
A) If you aren’t using Remind 101… YOU NEED TO. NOW!
B) If you are using Remind 101… THINGS JUST GOT BETTER!
I have been a proud Remind 101 user and supporter for years and have communication with staff via Twitter. The thing with Remind 101 is; they don’t only listen to teachers, they ask questions and participate in conversations on how to better serve. As a member of the Lloydminster Catholic School Division technology team, we have to boast that through ranting and raving, countless teachers in our school division are utilizing its benefits. This web based tool and app allows teachers (and anyone) the opportunity to seamlessly sign up students for text messages from their educators. Students are not able to respond to messages, no personal cell number is given and scheduling messages for the future is easier than easy. The interface is easy to navigate and even the most nervous tech user adjusts quickly. Showing the benefits of Remind 101 was a part of all technological PD that was offered in our division for years. Now that so many are using and loving it; we continue to share it with newcomers. It is a staple communication device with teachers, parents and students. But, enough about all the benefits we have been enjoying for years…

Boooooo yaaaaa! Thank you Remind 101 for the opportunity to now attach! #remind101attach

Boooooo yaaaaa!
Thank you Remind 101 for the opportunity to now attach! #remind101attach

Yes! Now images, files, presentations, links and beyond can be sent to students instantly.  The next best thing; pull files out of your cloud based storage and push them directly to a device that we all know our students are using- hourly!
Thank you Remind 101 for listening and providing us with an opportunity to make our daily lives easier. You aren’t just making teachers happy, student reception has been extremely positive as well.

Classroom walls no longer exist and the school day doesn’t end when the bell rings. Thanks to the diligence of applications like Remind 101… my professional life is much easier, organized and my connection to my students is free, professional, safe, flexible, consistent and… I think you get the picture… THANK YOU REMIND 101 from the staff, parents and students from LCSD!

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