7 class days left…

Period 1: English 20
-Review Final Essays…
-Bordertown Cafe Work Period
ENGLISH 20 ESSAY discussion and lesson

Period 2: Photography/Media Studies 20
Mrs. Grassl ‘s Grade 8 class will be coming to us today and Thursday for a SPECIAL project.

Lesson 3: Taking a Look at Why We Are Hard on Ourselves

Materials: Let’s Get to the Bottom of It handouts, sending a message handout.

Indicators/Time Activity/Discussion
8.5 d,e,f,g,i

15 min

  • Hand out Let’s Get to the Bottom of it! To the students and discuss each picture in detail.  What is it?  What is it meant for/purpose, what message does it send, how can it affect/influence us?
  • Students should be taking jot notes on what we discuss
8.5 a,b,c

15 min

  • How to be Healthy
  • Discuss the diets, surgeries and message out there showing us what healthy living is.
  • Pose the question:  What is healthy living? Discuss

ü  Eating

ü  Exercising

  • Students should write down what we discuss in regards to healthy living.
15-20 min
  • Sending a Message!
  • Take a look at all the pictures and things we’ve looked at.  What message does society/media send us with each of these picture.
  • Now it’s going to be your turn to send a message.  You are going to take one of the following areas and create a visual with your own message.  Students will brainstorm a few ideas for 3 different areas.
  • The next two days the grade 8s will meet up with SGMS students to create their message.  Grade 8s should have some ideas before they go to the SGMS students.

Peer assessment-from grade 11

Finished project- Message received.



Social Studies 20 Learning Targets
(You are not responsible for ALL… some will be taken out… others will be added.)


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