Hey my lovely crew,
Hope all is awesome.
Please work hard and behave these next three days.
What you put into them is what you will get out.
I will try and bring you back something fun from the Dominican.
Reminder that you will write your ELA final essay in Period 2 on Tuesday.
Many assignments are DUE.
Email me and post them on your WORDPRESS.
Behave and be diligent in Photography.
I have also given you some time in Media Studies to work on your final project.
Remember; the document attached is a guide and I am very open minded with this project.
I just want to see you stretching and showing your skill growth in a creative and meaningful way. WORK HARD, use your time and it will yield reward.
You rock and I wish I was with you.
See you Thursday morning! 

Final Portfolio Work Period
*Have you done the movement photo from before the break?
*Do you have the notes from the lessons before the break?
Using SMART FILTERS; for those of you who are caught up, have your portfolio nearly complete (remember you need to title them and be ready to talk about them) see the following tutorial.

Key People Quiz (Complete this on your own to see where you are.)
Correct Key People Quiz together. Ms. Miekle will lead you through the SMART file you have saw in the past.
a)Complete all targets from before the break:
Do you know what the Global Poverty Trap?
Do you know what welfare is?
Do you know what social assistance is?
*if any of these questions seem hard to answer; refer back and go through them.
b)Complete the targets that are listed below:
Growth in Waste

ð I can explain why there is a growth in waste. 3.13
ð I can explain how ‘waste’ is affecting living beings and the planet. 3.14
ð I can explain the traditional means of dumping waste. 3.15
ð I can explain the newer modern sense of removing waste. 3.16
ð I can explain the Great Pacific Garbage patch. 3.17
ð I can explain the current state of the environment at the end of the 20th century (1999). 3.18
ð I can explain the greenhouse effect in detail. 3.19
c)Reminder that in two weeks you write your Social Studies 20 final in class.
HERE is the target book.
You will be responsible to know MOST of these. Social Studies 20 Learning Targets
*Zach I know you really wanted this to start studying early.
**All of you have a lot of time and work to do while I am away. PLEASE be diligent for your own good! 🙂

PERIOD 3: Media Studies 20/English
Take a look through: Module 4 Final Project
*You will have 10 minutes to start genuinely thinking about what you would like to do for a final Media Studies 20 project.

The following is OVERDUE:
a) Independent Novel Studies
b) To Kill a Mockingbird
c) especially Persuasive Essays… which better be in and done with corrections made!
Lastly, your English 20 In Class Final Essay is to be written TOMORROW during Period 2!

as a class watch the following motivational set for the upcoming play that we must read in English.

Discuss this short video clip.

You will be beginning a play with students today called Bordertown Café by Kelly Rebar. This MUST be read out loud together!
There are limited characters. Sign up to read and switch when people need a break.
(Boys stick to the male characters and girls stick to the female ones.)
When reading a play it is important to read like you are in conversation.
Adjust to new students reading as necessary. You all need to take your turn trying to read in this manner.
Please get through as much of this play as you can before the end of the day.

How to make a calendar in Photoshop with Scott Kelby.
This is a great tutorial. Work together to complete yourself a calendar for the new year.
*Use pictures you have already taken or run and take one now.

Please treat this as a final exam; as this essay counts with the other written portion to be completed during finals week.

PERIOD 3: Media Studies 20
Final Project Work Period

You can get cameras if you need them.
Chose a tutorial if you need one.
If not; get a plan and produce a picture TODAY.
I am going to be asking to see what you did over the course of the last three days when I return tomorrow.
The following tutorial isn’t too bad. There is no voice and it moves quickly.
To make someone an AVATAR:

Makeup Tutorial

Or if you want a challenge on your own;
Find an image (PORTRAIT) of someone older; wrinkled, sun spots, looser skin…
Use what you already know and make them YOUNG!
Watch this for inspiration:

Example: Not Mann Image

Example: Not Mann Image

Google Images

Google Images

Google Images...

Google Images…


Bordertown Café
You will be continuing with Bordertown Café by Kelly Rebar.
Adjust to new students reading as necessary. Please get through as much of this play as you can before the end of the day.

Module 4 Work Period.

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.
Tomorrow we will be talking World Wars and reading on in Bordertown Cafe.


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