Day #74; plans for the day

PERIOD 1: Photography 20
Great job on your recent photography assignments.
See- you can do so much; with so little!
Genre’s Assignment
Perspective Assignment; “Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover.”

PERIOD 2: English 20
Formalizing your writing; Click HERE for information needed for our activity.
Now; I am putting you to the test.
It is time to FORMALIZE a few statements together.
Ex; garbage man (Waste Disposal Manager)
Formal vs. Informal (This will take the majority of class.)
I would like to also read CHARLIE by Lee Maracle.
Charlie can be found on the School of Global Media, English 20 page. (Let’s save a few trees today.)
While I am reading, please list as the following questions are due; Charlie Questions

PERIOD 3: Media Studies 20/Social Studies 20
Social Issues PSA?
English Essay?
To Kill a Mockingbird Project?
Independent Novel Study?
Photography Final Project?
Do you have an idea for your Media Studies Final Project?
Module 4 Final Project
-virtual resume
-music video
-rant/rave (SOLO)
-short film
-skill video
-advertising campaign
-bullying video
-ad campaign (photography only)
-graphic design portfolio
-scholarship application
-university application
-step ahead project
-spend a day

Friday Plans;
PERIOD 1: Photography 20
Challenge Day; Work as a class to direct your own image… Do something creative, unique, original.
*Everyone, grab a camer and go have some fun. Be creative!

Photography with SUBTLE MOVEMENT; (I found the website!)
(Let’s get this done!)
*We do need to read Charlie, so English will be split today.
*MUST BE saved on your Google Doc by Sunday evening! This is not a suggestion.
It will be marked either way; it will be your only chance for feedback before your final essay exam.
*Reminder that I am away until after this exam takes place. Please adjust accordingly.

PERIOD 3: Social Studies 20
Week in Rap
Year in Reviews; Click HERE

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