Day #72

Period 1: Photography 20
Advertising Campaign; CREATIVITY
-get with a partner (chose your partner wisely)
-you can also go solo
-no groups larger than 3

Period 2: English 20
Choral Reading Independent Novel
Independent Novel Study Option #2
2) To Kill a Mockingbird Final Projects
3) WordPress Updates? (Is there anything you should be adding to your WordPress?)
4) Resume? Do I have a copy of your resume?
5) We will read Charlie;
You will be responsible to answer these: Charlie Questions

Period 3: Social Studies 20
Did you work through the previous targets?
These are ON YOUR FINAL.
ð I can explain the elements of poverty. 3.21
-define the term
ð I can explain in detail, The Global Poverty Trap. 3.22
*If you can’t find anything on GPT’s go to. Click HERE go to page 215
ð I can define and explain welfare. 3.23
-be specific about Canada
ð I can list pros and cons of welfare. 3.24
-try and list 5 of each (be open minded)
ð I can explain, who are the poor? 3.25
-who is considered “poor”?
ð I can explain 5 truths surrounding general characteristics of the poor. 3.28
ð I can explain income assistance as it relates to my country.
-visit THIS website
Aside from the section called; FOR ALL CANADIANS…
How many sections sections are the areas of income assistance broken up into?
List all of them.
Explain one in each that surprises you. What is offered to these individuals?
Read THIS.
Take a stance;
What is your opinion on social assistance and welfare?
Is it good? Is it bad?
Complete a free write talking about some of the issues you have/supports you have for ‘welfare.’

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