Day #71

Thanks Bryn; from MindBlown

Monday Plans for the Day

Begin with;
Week in Rap
->Remember all the current events and discussions we have about these occurrences happening in the world… these are up for grabs for assessment pieces.
English Essay
Last day for assignments is January 16!!!!!!!
In-class part of the exam is January 9?
->It is so important that you work hard and put yourself into this current essay to prepare yourself for the one in two school weeks.
-“Yes you heard me, two school weeks and final essay.”

1) Discussion about January Field Trip; Jan 15 Period 3 (5 minutes)
a) Hockey Day in Canada

2) To Kill a Mockingbird Test Review; (20 minutes)
a) What is my mark?
b) Review the exam.

3) English Creative Writing Sharing and Lesson (30 minutes)

4) How was the Residential School Video? (5 minutes)
a) How was it? What did you learn?
b) We Are Children video recommendation… Here is a clip.

c) Toronto Mayor- “kick to the right” (City Council has stripped him… Re-election?)
-Decal family… “LOVES ATTENTION”
-TV show/radio show ‘good ratings’
-picture outside a ‘crack’ house with some people; one is now mysteriously dead.
-officials are moving slowly with so many people watching
-convicted and jailed… DONE (incarcerated to lose office)
-convicted and fined… STAY
-“Left wing- NO”
-Homo-sexual leadership…? (let’s discuss)

d)Social Issues video is OVERDUE; Does anyone have one they would like to show?
-Bryn/Mason/Evan are done. We will start with them.

5) How are your Independent Novel Studies going? (5 minutes)
a) Deadline is preferably BEFORE Christmas holidays.
(POST THIS on your WORDPRESS) (20 minutes)
b) Deadline deadline is the Monday after the break!
c) Remember that December

6) Key People Practice (20 minutes)

7) Political Spectrum Assignment (10 minutes)

Where do we all fit?
What type of government is in Alberta? Why does that make sense?
What type of government is in Saskatchewan? Why does that make sense?

8)To Kill a Mockingbird Final Projects (5 minutes)
b) post them

9) WordPress time; (5 minutes)
Independent Novel Study
To Kill a Mockingbird
-frozen under the ice
-santa image of other student

Photography Winners; Justin, Cali, Bryn and Zach (What kind of hot drinks would you like tomorrow?)
Go into the folders that I gave you titled Adobe.
Take the sunflower image from Nature and open it in photoshop.
Then go and take Computer Drawn Objects from the Graphics Clip Art Folder.
Grab the Computer Dawn Objects file onto your Sunflower background.
Make a new layer.
Paint brush and fill the screen
Add Clipping Mask. WOW!

Let’s watch this:

NOW; you will work on marketing assignment together.
This is the same activity that I did on the Friday of my PD.
*I think you guys will really like it.
-Each of you must have a DIFFERENT image
-The Internet is banned!
-You will work with your partner to develop a campaign for;
imagination or individuality…

I am away the Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday after the break.
– you will have to be diligent, independent and responsible
I will make sure I am very clear about what is expected and am even going to try to record some lessons.


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