Day #65; THURSDAY… 21 days till Christmas

Period 1: Social Studies 20
Let’s begin this morning with The Week in Rap.
Who is Nelson Mandela?
Nelson Mandela, the anti-apartheid icon who became the first president of a democratic South Africa, passed away Thursday at his home in Johannesburg after a prolonged lung infection. He was 95.
Why did he go to jail?
Nelson Mandela was sentenced to prison for encouraging black South Africans to go on strike and for illegally leaving South Africa. He believed in a different South Africa! He battled South African apartheid and planned to overthrow the government by non-violent protests. In 1952 the South African government arrested and tried Mandela and later sentence for 27 years in prison.
Click HERE;
Now, lets watch Dez and Justin’s…
Social Issue PSA Campaign Speech/Rant:
These are due next Tuesday.

Period 2: English 20
Independent Novel Studies are due as soon as possible.
Get these done as there are only 20 days left in the semester and things are going to start stacking up.
Let’s push TKAM and our Independent Novel Study’s to the side;
We will be pushing the tables together for Period 2 and completing an English activity….

Period 3: Misc.
Back to the Week in Rap; Globalization
What does the term globalization mean?

Flocab. We go global,
We’re so global… we go global.
Flocab, check it out…
Look kid, you want to go solo?
Even Han Solo had Chewbacca to roll with.
No man’s an island, stop wilding,
When we don’t talk, it leads to violence. (Like World War II.)
Let’s be United as Nations, mmmK?
UN peacekeeping force is so brave,
Countries in Europe want to compete,
But compared to superpowers, they’re too weak.
So they form the EU, European Union,
Other countries join the join-up movement.
If you’ve got GDP, I mean plenty,
You could join the rich nations at the G20.
We see genocide in Sudan, Serbia,
It’s real: guys will massacre and murder you.
We can try them at the International Criminal Court,
Something the US doesn’t really support.
And disease now spread easily,
From H1N1 to HIV.
Millions are saved by our new vaccines,
But viruses adapt to stay on the scene.
And people die ’cause water isn’t clean,
Biting mosquitoes will spread malarial disease.
But we’ve got Doctors Without Borders,
To help in war zones or where the poor live.
We’ve got jets, now it doesn’t take weeks,
To get from Italy down to NYC.
Travel used to be slower than a tortoise,
Now I pass ports and I cross through the borders,
Bumping on a tour bus with a dozen tourists,
With my credit card I can charge like a Taurus.


We trade, import, export
New technology. You like? I can get more.
Earth isn’t bigger, but the population is,
More people live and a lot are having kids.
Rich countries don’t expand that much,
Poor countries have more kids than the Brady Bunch.
We live twice as long as we used to,
And our CO2 emissions? They’ve boomed too.
Overfishing for seafood, that’s crazy kid,
We don’t want to see food get 86’d.
Snail mail? Been practically abolished,
Information at your fingertips like nail polish.
What’s happening overseas? Let me see,
I don’t need a paper; I don’t even need a TV.
I just log on… I’ve got connectivity,
Connecting me with anyone in any vicinity.
The truth is out there, check the news,
If you’re staying ignorant well that’s on you.

-Independent Novel Study; (See blog post Day 52; there are two options to do.)
Due January 9/2013
-To Kill a Mockingbird Final Project
Due December 9/2013
-Photography 20
Elf* Due now
Hand Image* Due now
Scavenger Hunt* Due December 5
-Social Studies Public Service Announcement Speech
Due December 11


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