Day 57; TUESDAY!

Period 1:
PHOTOGRAPHY 20; Tutorial
We will be doing a photography tutorial this morning together.
I worked with this one last night and was SUCCESSFUL! It is an amazing one.
We will do it together.
First things first. You need to go and take a picture of your own hand doing your favourite symbol.
ie; peace, hang loose, thumbs up.
(Take this image on a solid background.)
Then pic a high resolution background that is CRISP and sharp. (Use the Union Jack if nothing else.)
Other examples; sunsets, flags and so on… something that is basic though.
*Tip; use something with some substance, lines and so on.
We will then take your image and open it in Photoshop and cut it out.

Period 2:
“CC Real” comin’ at ya!
To Kill a Mockingbird
I will not be talking or interrupting as we need to get moving on this novel.

Period 3:
We will finish the lesson and notes from yesterday. Then you will have time to work on your SOCIAL SPEECH promotional videos. Remember they are geared to your peers. What do you think peers your age should know? Ho w will you persuade them? How will you make this video pop?matter?standout?

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