Day #54; Challenge Day (Let’s MOVE!)

Period 1: Photography 20
Challenge Day
You will receive two images… It will be up to you to edit them how you are instructed.

Period 2: English 20
Test Chapter 22.
Discuss Chapter 22.
Reading Chapter 23 together.

Period 3: Media Studies 20
We will review the following information together.


You will be given a 4-5 hours to complete a 3-5 minute video geared towards engaging youth. You will be given/select one of the following World Issues from below. Yes you can go in groups. No groups larger than 3.
1) Chose a partner/group or decide you are going solo.
2) Chose a World Issue
3) Write a speech for youth your age about your World Issue
4) Plan your story on a STORY BOARD.
5) Film your assignment

Your  video MUST have each of the following camera styles/angles/techniques.
You will get a mark for including each of the following below.
Extreme Long Shot
Long Shot
Full Shot
Close Up
Extreme Close Up

Pan Left <-> Pan Right
Crab Left <-> Crab Right
Track Out <-> Track In
Zoom Out <-> Zoom In
Ped Up <-> Ped Down
Tilt Up <-> Tilt Down

Worm’s Eye
Birds Eye

*you are FORBIDDEN to use a tripod-get creative
*video is due TUESDAY, as a finalized project
*as well as a Dolly shot (use a rolly chair)

World Issues
Topics for your video is;
a) Climate Change
b) Deforestation
c) Oil Sands
d) Ocean Acidification
e) Overfishing
f) Radiation from Fukishima
g) Effects of the BP oil spill
g) Pitch me something if you would like to mix it up…

Speech Support
-Background into your topic…
-Current state surrounding your World Issue…
-Who are the companies/governments/individuals responsible for the negative side of your world issue?
-Who are the companies/governments/individuals responsible for the positive side of your world issue?
-How is money involved?
-How are politics involved?
-How are you going to appeal to your audience?
(Consider your background and placement all the time!)
(Professionalism is key)

Note: Please ensure you answer 6 of the following questions for
FRIDAY’s UNIT EXAM (Social Studies 20).

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