NOTES for the week:
1) Field Trip Discussion
2) Independent Novel Study;
a. Select your book and let Mrs. Erb know what it is by the end of the week.
b. Select one of the following assignments.
Photo Essay
SGMS Choral Reading Independent Novel

c. I will give you two days next week to work on this assignment in class.
3) Ensure you have emailed in your Resume by Friday.
4) Unit Exam; Population on Wednesday for Social Studies 20
5) Have you posted your EYE image for Photography 20?

PERIOD 1: Photography 20
Final Portfolio Work Period
Applying various layers/overlay’s/actions.
Rick Shooting; Sand Overlay
Some other fun photography prompts to get your wheels spinning;


Great idea Evan!

Great idea Evan!

PERIOD 2: English 02
To Kill a Mockingbird
We will begin with watching parts of TKAM we have missed. Time to catch back up and finish off this novel!

PERIOD 3: Social Studies 20
We will begin by watching THE WEEK IN RAP… What else is new?
Lets check out CNN; Click HERE
Individual Population Assignment #2
Recap; ensure you have worked through the targets and questions from the previous assignment.
Open up your Social Studies WordPress page; Work through the following questions/words/videos and answer the coordinating questions. You will have your Population Unit Exam on WEDNESDAY!

Vocabulary; Ensure you know what each of the following words means.
natality, industrialization, trend, density, fallacy, procreation, standard of living, demographic, immigration, emigration, urbanization, rural, consequences
Moving on;
ð I can define and explain scarcity. 2.24
ð I can explain one area in the world where starvation exists. 2.19
ð I can explain one event in history where millions of people starved to death. 2.20

What does globalization mean?

Click HERE to watch this video or view the one that has been posted for you below.

1) What does ‘distribution of wealth’ mean?
2) Where is the bulk of money within the USA
3) Do you think that what is uncovered within the video about the USA would be similar to the same statistics in our country? Explain.
4) What are 2 pros of nearly half of all wealth only being within the hands of a few?
5) What are 5 cons of nearly half of all wealth only being within the hands of a few?

Make sure the following is complete as well.
1) Define; birth rate and find a statistic/example (2)
2) Define; death rate and find a statistic/example (2)
3) Define; migration and find a statistic/example (2)
4) Define; immigration and find a statistic/example (2)
5) Define; migration and find a POSITIVE example and a NEGATIVE example (4)
See example for the above question; below. I expect complete responses like the following.
ie Canadian is a diverse country with a respective population, industrialized and functional economy. Canada is also classified as a first world country. This is due largely impact hundreds of thousands of Europeans; specifically English and French colonize in North America. They imperial-ized on First Nations people when they came and were promised free land and unlimited resources. A negative example of migration patterns can be found when discussing many of the movement patterns in Africa. Again, hundreds of thousands of people are displaced, forced out of their homes and living in refugee camps because their homes are not safe. They must leave their homes because of conflict, revolutions and corruption. Uganda is currently experience a civil war where child soldiers are used to support the rebel group, the LRA.
6) I can list 10 pros in population growth. (5)
7) I can list 10 cons in population growth. (5)
8) I can explain urbanization completely. (Be sure to touch on the decreasing ruralization; even though we need food and crops like never before. Why is farming growing when people are selling their farms and moving into cities.) (3)
9) I can explain the term; standard of living. (6)
10) I can explain what it means to be a First World country, Second World country, Third World Country.
(What do each of the terms mean and find a picture/map/graph to explain each.)
11) I can explain what the natalist paradigm is. (2)
12) What does it mean to be in harmony with the environment? Do you think we are living in harmony with the environment? Explain your response. (3)
13) How many people live on the planet?
14) What are the 5 largest cities?
15) What continent has the worst poverty? Why? Explain in detail.
16) Should first world countries be force to support third world countries? Explain your response.


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