Wednesday, Day 43; VC, photoshopping and more on population

Hey all,

I am still waiting on a few of you to pay the 135$ for the Regina field trip, cough it up!
First of all I was pretty happy with you guys yesterday, you had fun and made the most of it.
Let’s all log onto our Facebook accounts this morning and give a well written, articulate thank you.

CREDIT: Nicole Noyce Photography

CREDIT: Nicole Noyce Photography

Remember you can Tweet throughout the Video Conference with the Hashtag: #globalencounters
Check out this Storify: HERE

For a link to the virtual classroom, please click here <> and enter the appropriate login information.

Your assignment for this VC is to answer the following questions on your WordPress.
These will also reappear on a unit/final exam.

1. What role, if any, do Western powers/International community have in maintaining peace/
promoting democracy in the Middle Eastern states?
-Personal, Social, Political, Legal, Economic, Cultural, Historical
*Try and touch on all the lenses and components.
How are each of the areas impacted;
What should we care about?
What can we help with?

When many Middle Eastern communities and countries started to revolt, the world became very aware. There was a fear about what would these countries do. The threats of nuclear power were evident. A stress about chemical weapons also arose. So… why does Arab Spring matter to us?
We believe we have no business at all there and we have no rights.
Many students believe;
Western Power should NOT play a role!
*Our students had a very mixed response here:
We definitely agree that it is difficult for us to understand the complexities and all the lenses that we look through have a bias and understanding that may not give us a clear view of what we are trying to do in each of the respective areas. Bryn here mentioned that it is difficult to as well to justify getting into a mix we don’t understand when we have issues here; that said, there has to be an interest, a care so that threats do not come to our home front. We have many things to address within our own country as well- we don’t want to create more conflict in an effort to try and help.
We also agree with embracing the UN to bridge the gaps that we have just discussed.
2. Has the Arab Spring been good or bad for the “everyday person” in the Middle East?

When did Arab Spring begin?
Are there other events in the Middle East that arose long before 9/11?
What led to Arab Spring?
Violence only creates more violence?

We have a comment:

We should be there, we are willing to help obviously as we are getting involved but ask first… Then it is clear student comments centred around how do we stop the violence, protect ourselves but do it in a peaceful way? Yes we can get involved in the UN and other initiatives but what else can we do… here…. now.

*Our military is not trained to be police. (USA) Student comment from Alaska

Matt -World War II (dropping the atomic bombs)
Bryn- Red Army Storming Berlin and pushing Hitler into submission
*Gandhi- INdependence in India
*Martin Luther King- civil rights movement in the USA
Germany- rainbow protest for gay rights
When peace ends in violence; Jesus
Pearl Harbour; more violence/more violence

Arab Spring is not just protests and tear gas, not just cocktails and fighting.
It is also:
International Exchange Exchange to help people make connections to start caring about the Middle East


Lens: Personal, Social, Political, Legal, Economic
There are all kinds of lenses that you look through will provide you with clarity.
Be active, critical and respectful.

Photoshop Work Period

Lets talk about final projects. Click HERE.
Justin and Cali; YOU MIGHT BE INTERESTED TO click HERE: accreditation information

Please photoshop your image!
I would like you to photoshop it in a serious, professional and perfect way… Work seamlessly.
I want you to focus on lighting and making things look naturally- PERFECT.
SECOND assignment:
Then I want you to cut out your person and edit them in a background and manner that is funny, intense and believable.

*If you are all working well I will give you until the end of the day to finish these pictures.
If you are getting off task we will have to switch gears back to English.

We will finish the 15th Chapter and continue to read on…

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