Thursday; HAT DAY, plans for the day…

Social Studies 20:
*Connecting with Texas, Lebanon, Queen E, Palestine, J Percy Page in Edmonton, Israel and beyond!

QUESTIONS DUE for the Video Conference;

  1. Are there any scenarios in which violence is justified and if so, where do you draw the line?
  2. Is there a difference between a freedom fighter and a terrorist?
    -Fatina/Misa (What does it mean to lose everything?)
    Freedom Fighter is someone who has lost everything.
    Why do they fight? How they fight that makes the difference.
    -There is no black and white…
    The black panthers- violenty opposed racism and violence.
    -racial freedom and rights (these people were considered rights.)
    To people who support these initiatives they are freedom fighters.
    To those who oppose them they are terrorists.
    We have no right to judge.What is the most you have ever lost?
    The speaker mentioned that they lost HOPE. (She will die by the time she is 35.)
    The other speaker mentioned she lost her mother tongue and the ability to communicate with their family.Who is a freedom fighter? Who is a terrorist? What have you lost?What works for some, doesn’t work for others…
    Everyone has a different perspective?
    Who can say what freedom is?”Is it in the eye of the beholder?” Is freedom in the eye of the beholder?
    -Your judgement is how you perceive it. No two people will perceive an issues/event/cause in the same way.
    Is there such a thing as a universal human rights?
    -Through the situation of Syria…
    Before it all started it was a close country.
    It has very little impact coming in from other countries.
    Syrians then started to realize they wanted free will.
    “The United States was within minutes of bombing Syria….”
  3. How does the internet, and other new technology and communications tools, affect the ability of groups to organize violent or non-violent resistance?Where is Palestine?

*We talk a lot about the Middle East; but do we ever talk to people in the Middle East?

There is a difference when there is a reason for the fighting for freedom and free will. They deserve this.¬†Others are fighting and resorting to violence but they have no goal and no perspective. This is what scares us…

Who is fighting in Syria and who is influencing the conflict?
Is this only Syrians fighting?
There is no road map to understanding all these things. There is no way to put it into words.

English 20:
We will read and


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